Appointed Boards

Appointed Boards and Commissions

Animal Control Shelter Advisory Committee
Meets: Fourth Mondays, 6 times per year, 6:30 pm, Human Services Building, Lansing
Commissioner Chris Trubac term expires 12/31/21
(vet representative) Dr. Marie Hopfensperger term expires 12/31/20
Roxann Wilkinson term expires 12/31/20
Thomas Hess term expires 12/31/20
Katelyn Haskin term expires 12/31/20
Diana Galbraith term expires 12/31/21
Beth Contreras term expires 12/31/21
Commissioner Derrell Slaughter term expires12/31/20

Apportionment Commission
Meets: As needed. Ingham County Courthouse, Mason
Members - Specific Officeholders 
Barb Byrum, County Clerk
Carol Siemon, Prosecuting Attorney
Eric Schertzing, Treasurer
Chair, Democratic Party
Chair, Republican Party

Board of Canvassers
Meets: As needed. Ingham County Courthouse, Mason.
Rebecca Bahar-Cook term expires 10/31/21
Joe Groff term expires 10/31/21
Ted Lawson term expires 10/31/22
Jude Wells term expires 10/31/23

Building Authority
Meets: As needed. Ingham County Courthouse, Mason
Members - Specific Officeholders 
Mattis Nordjford, County Attorney
Eric Schertzing, Treasurer
Jared Cypher,  Interim County Controller/Administrator

Capital Area Community Services Administration Board of Directors
Meets: Last Monday, Monthly, 12:30 p.m., Capital Area Community Services, 1301 Rensen, Lansing.
Members- Commissioners only or designee
Eric Schertzing term expires 12/31/20
Carol Koenig term expires 12/31/20

Capital Area District Library Board
Meets: Third Wednesday, Monthly, 5:30 pm, Library Headquarters, 401 S. Capitol. Lansing
Sally Trout term expires 4/15/22
Lansing/Lansing Twp Rep: Jeff Croff term expires 4/15/20
Meridian Twp Rep:  Sandy Drake term expires 4/15/21
Lansing Rep:  Margaret Bossenbery term expires 4/15/23
Debora Bloomquist term expires 4/15/22
Vern Johnson, Lansing Appointee
Deyeya Jones, Lansing Appointee

Capital Area Michigan Works Consortium 
Meets: Fourth Wednesday, Monthly, 3:30 pm, Michigan Works Service Center, 2110 S. Cedar, Lansing.
Members - Commissioners only
Commissioner Bryan Crenshaw term expires 12/31/20
Commissioner Carol Koenig term expires 12/31/20
Commissioner Ryan Sebolt  term expires 12/31/20

Capital Area Region Transportation Study Committee
Meets: First Tuesday, Monthly, 8:30 am, Tri-County Regional Planning Commission, Lansing
Members- Commissioners only or designee
Jared Cypher term expires 12/31/20

Capital Region International Airport Authority
Meets: Fourth Monday, Every other month at 4:30 pm, Capital Region International Airport, Lansing
Commissioner Victor Celentino term expires 9/30/21
Debra Groh term expires 9/30/22
Daniel Schiffer term expires 9/30/22
Liaison: Commissioner Carol Koenig term expires 12/31/20

Community Corrections Advisory Board
Meets: Third Tuesdays, Every Other Month, 12 noon, Veterans Memorial Courthouse, Lansing
Circuit Court Probation: Jacqueline Straub term expires 9/17/21
Criminal Defense Attorney: Mick Grewal term expires 9/17/21
General Public Rep: Monica Jahner term expires 9/17/20
Business Community Rep: vacancy term expires 9/17/19
Communications/Media Rep:vacancy term expires 9/17/22
Commissioner Rep: Carol Koenig term expires 12/31/20
Lansing Police Dept Rep: Lt. Eric Echenberg
Prosecuting Attorney: Mike Cheltenham
Circuit Court Judge: Honorable Clinton Canady
District Court Judge: Honorable Stacia Buchanan
Probate Judge: Honorable Janelle Lawless
Brian Jackson, Lansing City Council Rep:
Sheriff's Office - Major Darin Southworth
Workforce Development:  vacancy

Community Health Center Board
Meets: Last Thursday of each month, 5:30 pm, Forest CHC  Bldg., Lansing
Robert Stark term expire 12/31/20
Jennifer Hanna term expires 12/31/21
Commissioner Todd Tennis expires 12/31/20
Amy Fountain term expires 12/31/21
Ramona Borowicz term expires 12/31/20
Rachel Ruddock term expires 12/31/21
Todd Heywood term expires 12/31/20
Anshu Varma expires 12/31/20
Katreva Bisbee term expires 12/31/20
vacancy term expires 12/31/21
Dan Ross term expires 12/31/21
Daphine Whitfield term expires 12/31/21
Mary Molloy term expires 12/31/20
Dr. Douglas Edema term expires 12/31/20
Jeffrey Brown term expires 12/31/21
Hope Lovell term expires 12/31/21
Florensio Hernadez term expires 12/31/21

Community Mental Health Authority
Meets: Full Board, Third Thursdays, Monthly, 6:00 pm, Various Sites in Lansing, Clinton, and Eaton Counties
Finance, Second Wednesday, 5:30 pm, Monthly, Community Mental Health Bldg, Lansing
Recipient Rights, First Thursday, Every Other Month, 5:30 pm, CMH, Lansing
Program and Planning, Second Monday, Monthly, 5:30 p.m., CMH, Lansing
Human Resources, First Wednesday, Quarterly, 5:30 pm., CMH, Lansing
Building and Sites Committee, Executive Committee and the By-Laws Committee Meet as needed.
Maxine Thome Swope term expires 3/31/22
Dianne Holman term expires 3/31/22
Commissioner Emily Stivers term expires 3/31/21
Dale Copedge term expires 3/31/21
Paul Palmer term expires 3/31/23
Raul Gonzales term expires 3/31/21
Alan Platt term expires 3/31/21

Convention Visitors Bur. of Gr. Lansing Bd of Directors
Meets: As needed, Convention Visitors Bureau, Lansing
Members- Commissioners only
Derrell Slaughter term expires 12/31/20

Drainage Board
Meets: As needed.
Members - Commissioners Only - Specific Officeholders 
Pat Lindemann, Drain Commissioner
Commissioner Bryan Crenshaw, Board Chair term expires 12/31/20
Commissioner Thomas Morgan, Finance Chair term expires 12/31/20

Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors
Meets: Second Friday, Monthly, 7:30 am, Hilliard Bldg., Mason (Human Services Building,Lansing during winter months)
Commissioner Rep: Mark Polsdofer term expires 10/31/22
Consumer, vacancy term expires 10/31/21
Alec Findlay term expires 10/31/22
Consumer, Business Rep: vacancy term expires 10/31/23
vacancy term expires 10/31/21
Kyle Bowman term expires 10/31/21
Labor:   Becky Brimley term expires 10/31/25
Angelica Kim term expires 10/31/21
Mark Brown term expires 10/31/22
Thomas Muth term expires 10/31/20
Rashauna Arnold  term expires 10/31/23
MSU Extension Rep:  Eric Walcott

Board of Election Commissioners
Meets first Wednesday, Monthly, 8:15 a.m., Veterans Memorial Courthouse, Lansing
Members - Specific Officeholders 
Barb Byrum, County Clerk
Judge Garcia, Probate Judge
Eric Schertzing, Treasurer

Equal Opportunity Committee
Meets: Second Monday of each month, 6:00 pm, Human Services Building, Lansing
Alan Conceicao term expires 9/30/21
Jordan Evans term expires 9/30/20
Alexander Rusek term expires 9/30/21
Jennifer Cronkite term expires 9/30/20
Corina Klein term expires 9/30/20
John Cameron term expires 9/30/21
Natasha Atkinson term expires 9/30/21
Christopher Jackson term expires 9/30/21
Krystal Davis-Dunn term expires 9/30/20
Commissioner Derrell Slaughter alternate
Commissioner Ryan Sebolt   term expires 12/31/21

Fair Board
Meets: Second Monday, 7:00 pm, Fairgrounds, Mason
Sue Chamberlain term expires 12/31/21
Catherine Cole-Adams term expires 12/31/23
Jenean Battin term expires 12/31/21
Commissioner Carol Koenig term expires 12/31/22
Caitlin Carpenter term expires 12/31/20
Debbie Miller term expires 12/31/20
Joy Gleason term expires 12/31/20
Manuel Delgado, Jr. term expires 12/31/21
Gary Gierke term expires 12/31/23
Guillermo Lopez term expires 12/31/23
Kai Christiansen term expires 12/31/23
Michael Yanz term expires 12/31/20
4-H rep - vacancy term expires 12/31/21
Commissioner Randy Maiville term expires12/31/23

Farmland and Open Space Preservation Board
Meets: Third Tuesday, Monthly, 4:00 pm, Hilliard Bldg, Mason
Commissioner Randy Maiville term expires 12/31/20
Gabriel Biber (public)term expires 2/8/21
Laurie Koelling, (real estate) term expires 2/8/21
Wendy Villareal  (agriculture) term expires 2/8/22
Jeanine Igl (agriculture) term expires 2/8/21
Wanda Bloomquist (township) term expires 2/8/22
Kirk Heinze (agriculture) term expires 2/8/23
Paul Kindel (conservation) term expires 2/8/23

Board of Health
Meets: First Tuesday, Monthly, 12:00 noon, Human Services Building, Lansing
Molly Polverento term expires 12/31/20
Garry Rowe term expires 12/31/22
Lynne Stauff term expires 12/31/21
Jane Bidwell expires 12/31/22
Denise Chrysler term expires 12/31/20
Saturnino Rodriquez term expires 12/31/20
Abby Schwartz term expires 12/31/21
Dr. Nickell Dixon term expires 12/31/21
Alexander Woods term expires 12/31/22
Commissioner Derrell Slaughter term expires 12/31/21

Historical Commission Meets: First Wednesday, Monthly, 7:00 pm
Courthouse, Mason
Craig Whitford term expires 12/31/20
Loren Shattuck term expires 12/31/22
Jacob McCormick term expires 12/31/22
Scott Shattuck term expires 12/31/20
Kristin Sewell term expires 12/31/21
Alessa Boes term expires 12/31/21
Audrey Martini term expires 12/31/21
Sarah Evans term expires 12/31/22
James Long term expires 12/31/20

Housing Commission
Meets: Second Thursday, Monthly, 6:00 pm. Carriage Lane Apartments, Okemos
Debra Voss term expires 12/31/23
Darling Garcia term expires 12/31/21
Robert Mathis, Jr. term expires 12/31/22
vacancy (resident) term expires 12/31/24
Kevin Keifer term expires 12/31/20

Department of Human Services Board
Meets:Third Thursday, Monthly, 8:30 a.m., Ingham County Medical Care Facility, Dobie Road, Okemos
Greta Wu, State Appointee
Bruce Bragg  term expires 10/31/20
Kim Coleman term expires 10/31/22

Ingham County Chapter, Michigan Townships Association
Meets: fourth Wednesday, Quarterly (January, April, July, October), 8:00 pm. Various Locations.
Members - Commissioners Only 
Commissioner Robin Naeyaert term expires 12/31/20
Commissioner Randy Maiville  term expires 12/31/20

Ingham County Family Center Advisory Board
Meets: First Tuesday quarterly, 6:00 pm, Ingham County Family Center, Lansing.
Denise Lycos
Kate Sonka community representative  term expires 12/31/22
Community representative vacancy term expires 12/31/22
John Castillo term expires 12/31/19
Jordan Harris Gonzales expires 12/31/22
Commissioner Derrell Slaughter term expires 12/31/22
Power of We representative term expires 12/31/22
vacancy, General Public, term expires 12/31/22
recipient vacancy term expires 12/31/20
Sara Deprez 

Ingham Health Plan Corporation Board of Directors
Commissioner Emily Stivers term expires 12/31/19

Joint Building Authority

Members - Specific Officeholders 
Ingham County Representative Tim Dolehanty
City of Lansing Representative
State of Michigan Representative

Ingham Health Plan Corporation Board of Directors
Commissioner Emily Stivers term expires 12/31/19

Jury Board

Meets: As determined by the Committee.
Theodore Seitz term expires 4/30/21
Mike Severino term expires 4/30/25
Rebecca Bahar-Cook term expires 4/30/23

Land Bank
Meets: Monthly, Fourth Wednesday, 5:30 pm, Land Bank, 3024 Turner Street, Lansing
Members Sharon Frischman term expires 12/31/22 (City of Lansing representative)
Derrell Slaughter. term expires 12/31/21
Mark Grebner term expires 12/31/23 (Local Unit Representative)
Bryan Crenshaw term expires 12/31/20
Eric Schertzing, County Treasurer

Lansing Area Safety Council
Meets: Four Times Per Year,  Lansing Area Safety Council, Lansing. Time varies.
Members - Commissioners Only 
Bryan Crenshawt term expires 12/31/20

Parks and Recreation Commission
Meets: Full Board,  Fourth Monday, Monthly, 5:30 pm, Human Services Building, Lansing
Matthew Bennett term expires 1/01/23
Stephanie Thomas term expires 1/01/21
Simar Pawar term expires 1/01/23
Michael Unsworth term expires 1/01/21
Cherry Hamrick term expires 1/01/24
vacancy term expires 1/01/21
Road Commissioner Representative:  Chris Trubac
Tri-County Regional Planning Commission Representative: Chris Swope
Paul Pratt for Pat Lindemann
Commissioner Emily Stivers term expires 1/01/20

Plat Board
Members - Specific Officeholders 
Derrick Quinney, Register of Deeds
Barb Byrum, County Clerk
Eric Schertzing, Treasurer

Potter Park Zoo Board
Meets: Second Wednesday, Monthly, 6:00 pm., Potter Park Zoo, Lansing

Commissioner Chris Trubac term expires 12/31/20
Commissioner Todd Tennis.term expires 12/31/22
Richard Snider term expires 12/31/20
Mary Leys term expires 12/31/21
Cindy Kangas term expires 12/31/21
Kyle Binkley term expires 12/31/21
John Groen term expires 12/31/21
Ralph Hansen, Potter Park Zoological Society
Yanice Jackson-Long City of Lansing Representative
Mary Hauser term expires 12/31/22
Molly Korn, City of Lansing Representative
Cheryl Bergman term expires 12/31/22
Cindy Wagner, Potter Park Zoo Director

Senior Citizens Advisory Board
Meets: Second Thursday, Monthly, 1:00 p.m., Tri-County Aging Consortium, 5303 S. Cedar, Lansing

Susan Cockerill term expires 12/31/21
Jane Wallin term expires 12/31/20
Susann Baker term expires 12/31/20

Tri-County Aging Consortium
Meets: Third Mondays, 3:30 pm, Human Services Building, Lansing

Members - Commissioners Only
Commissioner Robin Naeyaert term expires 12/31/20
Commissioner Bryan Crenshaw expires 12/31/20
Commissioner vacancy term expires 12/31/20

Tri-County Regional Planning Commission
Meets Fourth Wednesday, Monthly, 6:00 pm, Human Services Building, Lansing
Members - Commissioners Only
Commissioner Derrell Slaughter term expires 12/31/20
vacancy (Road Commission rep) term expires 12/31/20
Commissioner Ryan Sebolt term expires 12/31/20

Veterans Affairs Committee
Meets Third Tuesday, Monthly, 4:30 p.m., Human Services Building, Lansing
Vietnam era Larry Van Ostran term expires 5/08/23
Jennifer Smith term expires 5/08/20
vacancy term expires 5/08/22
Anne Thompson term expires 5/08/21
Thomas Trumble term expires 5/08/23

Women's Commission
Meets First Wednesday, Monthly, 6:00 pm, Human Services Building, Lansing
Shani Saxon term expires 12/31/19
LaVerne Duncan Mickel term expires 12/31/20
Tracy Wimmer term expires 12/31/22
Kasey Bey Klein term expires 12/31/21
Lauren Lahie term expires 12/31/21
Jasmine Brown-Moreland term expires 12/31/20
Angela Neaver’a Hill term expires 12/31/21
Commissioner rep: Emily Stivers  term expires 12/31/20
vacancy expires 12/31/22
Naomi Glogower term expires 12/31/22
Charlaine Stevenson term expires 12/31/21
vacancy term expires 12/31/20
Commissioner alt. Ryan Sebolt term expires 12/31/20

Youth Commission
Meets 3rd Mondays (except holidays)  6:00 - 7:00 pm,  Human Services Building, 5303 S. Cedar, Lansing

Commissioner Bryan Crenshaw  8/31/20
Commissioner Emily Stivers
Ian Loree
Lillian Speers
Samantha Bird
Ming Thompson
DaVier Smith
Na'Kayla Green-Ruffin
Mili Vij
Audriyana Jaber
Ismael Jaber