Tri-County Regional Planning Commission

Tri-County Regional Planning Commission

Commissioner Brian McGrain
Commissioner Teri Banas, Road Commission Representative

Meeting Times

Meets fourth Wednesdays
7:00 p.m., Human Services
Building, 5303 S. Cedar, Lansing

What We Do...

The Board Chairperson appoints two Commissioners to serve annually. The Commission is organized to foster a cooperative effort in resolving problems, policies and plans that are common and regional with the greatest benefit to citizens of the tri-county area, while maximizing the efficient use of resources. Its purpose is to prepare and/or coordinate the development of plans and aid in the implementation of agreed-upon plans. The Commission employs an Executive Director and other employees. It may hire consultants as may be necessary to carry out its responsibilities. The nineteen (19) member Commission must adopt a proposed budget at its March meeting and submit the same to the Board of Commissioners and Lansing City Council with its request for allocation of funds for the next fiscal year beginning on October 1st. Each governmental unit contributes a share of the total annual budget, with units having membership through a member county, to reimburse that county for its share of financial responsibility.

Contact Person:
Sue Pigg, Executive Director
Tri-County Regional Planning Commission
913 W. Holmes Road, Suite 201
Lansing, MI 48910
(517) 393-0342