Potter Park Zoo Board


Commissioner Penelope Tsernoglou
Commissioner Deb Nolan
Jennifer Flood, City of Lansing Representative
Kevin Feuka, Zoological Society
John Groen
Aaron Landry Davis
Rick Kibbey, City of Lansing Representative
Monica List
Richard Snider
George Berghorn
Mary Leys
Kyle Binkley

Meeting Times

Second Wednesdays 5:45 p.m.
Safari Room, Potter Park Zoo
1301 S. Pennsylvania Avenue, Lansing

What We Do...

Appointed by the Board of Commissioners, upon the recommendation of  the County Services
Committee.   3 year terms.   The Potter Park Zoo Board is responsible for reviewing Zoo operations,
providing advice and recommendations to the County Parks and Recreation Commission, and other
 interested parties, including preparation of annual operations and capital improvements budgets,
and the development of  Zoo policies and procedures.

Contact Person:
Sherrie Graham, Director
Potter Park Zoo
1301 S. Pennsylvania Avenue, Lansing

2014 Meeting Dates

January 8, 2014

            February 12, 2014

            March 12, 2014

            April 9, 2014

            May 14, 2014

            June 11, 2014

            July 9, 2014

            August 13, 2014

            September 10, 2014

            October 8, 2014

            November 5, 2014

            December 10, 2014