Entries for 2005

Michigan Primary Care Assoc: Adolescent Health – Child and  
      Adolescent Health Center                                                                                        
Dennis Jurczak, M.D. and Bonta Hiscoe, M.D. as Deputy Medical Directors              
MDHS:  Place Out-Stationed Worker in the Health Department Registration and              EnrollmentUnit                                                                                                      
Change in Funding of Extension Network Facilitator and Community Development  
 Agent  Position                                                                                                              
Authorize Operational Agreement for the Capital Area Sexual Response Team                   
Sheriff’s Office to Accept the FY2005 LLEBG/BYRNE Annual Project Grant                   
Terrorism Prevention Program                                                                                 
Support Efforts of Jail Utilization Coordinating Committee                                              
Proclaim September 15-October 15, 2005 Hispanic Heritage Month                        
Support Establishing of the Heart of Michigan Trails and Greenways Partnership                
Congratulate HOM-TV on Event of 25th Anniversary                                                        
Approve First Supplement to Lease Contract to Permit Refunding of City and County Joint Building Authority Bonds                                                                                                    
Approve the 2005 Apportionment Report                                                          
Authorize Adjustments to the 2005 Ingham County Budget                                             
Donna Hufnagel to the Department of Human Services Board                                       
Donia Walker to the Community Health Center Board                           
2005 Agreement for Gateway Community Services Medical Clinic Patient Transition Prog  .
Authorize Preventive Medicine Residency Program with University of Michigan .          
MDHS:  Authorize Teen Parent Program Grant                                               
Chinn Planning, Inc. for Juvenile Justice System Assessment and Action Plan.                 
2005 State Homeland Security Grant/Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program        
Designate October 15, 2005 as “National Latino Aids Awareness Day”                             
Daniel Feinberg to the Environmental Affairs Commission                                             
Congratulating Emanuel First Evangelical Lutheran Church on 
    Event of 150th Anniversary                                                                                           
Honoring UAW Local 6000 on Event of 20th Anniversary                                                   
Opposing House Bill 5124                                                                                  
Authorize Additional Funding for the Temporary Foreclosure Prevention Assistant.            
Increase the Ingham County Youth Commission Coordinator Wage                                  
Supporting Acceptance of CEDS Update to the Annual Review Report for 2005              
2006 General Appropriations Resolution                                                                              
Honoring Lloyd Fett                                                                                    
Authorize a Master Agreement with Lansing Community College                                        
Authorize 2005-2006 Federal Abstinence Grant Program.                                                   
Adjust the Status of a Position.                                                                                           
Authorize a Refugee Assistance Program Contract with MDHS                                           
Authorize a Year Three Medical Reserve Corps Grant and Subcontract                       
Amend the FY 2004-2005 4C Agreement with the MDHS to Extend Agreement                 
US Department of Justice Byrne Memorial Grant for 55th District Court/Drug Court            
State of MI, Supreme Court, State Court Administrator for 55th District Court Drug Court 
Authorize Funding for Work Station                                                                                  
Request Support of MI Association of Counties 2005/2006 Judiciary & Public Safety Platform                                                                                           
Congratulating Janeil Valentine on Receiving the 2005 Marvin Klang Award.                    
Amy Alicia and Melanie Sauced to Youth Commission                                                     
Amend the Ingham County Deferred Compensation Plan                                         
Amend Resolution #05-093 Establishing Parks and Recreation Commission.                       
Authorize Adjustments to Commissioners’ Compensation                                           
Towar Snell Drain Drainage District 2005 Drainage District Bonds                                     
Towar Gardens and Branches Drain Drainage District 2005 Drainage District Bonds     
Authorize Purchase of a Technical Trailer Camera Inspection System                                  
Accept Donation of a Barn for Fairgrounds from the Anderson Company                       
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