Entries for 2018

Resolution To Approve A Professional Engineering Services Contract For The Okemos Road Bridge Replacement - Environmental Assessment And Programmatic Section 4(F) Evaluation Project
Resolution To Approve Purchase Of A Highway Easement For The Jolly-Okemos Project
Resolution To Authorize Contracts With Michigan Paving & Materials Company For Items I Through III Of Bid Packet #116-18 Recycling & Resurfacing Of Various County Primary Roads
Resolution To Authorize Adjustment To The 2018 County Road Fund Budget
Resolution To Extend The Current Tri-County Office On Aging (TCOA) Lease Agreement
Resolution To Enter Agreement With AGS Data, LLC
Resolution To Approve The Application Form, Scoring Criteria For The Trails And Parks Millage, And Declaring A Fourth Round Of Applications For The Trails And Parks Millage
Resolution Approving Criteria For Evaluating 2019 Applications For Community Agency Funding
Resolution Commemorating The 50th Anniversary Of The Establishment Of The District Court System In The State Of Michigan
Resolution To Accept And Approve A Recommendation From The 9-1-1 Advisory Board Regarding The 9-1-1 Public Safety Radio Communications System
Resolution To Authorize The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office To Sell One Used Patrol Vehicle To The Ingham Intermediate School District
Resolution To Authorize A Purchase Order To Premier Custom Trailers, LLC
Resolution To Authorize A Contract With The City Of Lansing For An Allocation of Funds To Ingham County/City of Lansing Community Corrections For The City 2018-2019 Fiscal Year
Resolution To Authorize Submission Of a Grant Application And a Contract With The Michigan Department of Corrections For Ingham County/City Of Lansing Community Corrections And Program Subcontracts For FY 2018-2019
Resolution To Accept A Grant From The Banfield Foundation To Purchase Surgery And Exam Lights For The New Animal Shelter
Resolution To Authorize Software Support Agreement With Tritech For The Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System
Resolution Recognizing Fairview Elementary School
Resolution To Authorize Approval Of The Final Plat Of Meadow Ridge No. 7
Resolution To Approve Special And Routine Permits For The Road Department
Resolution To Authorize A&E Services For Mason Courthouse Clock Tower Repairs
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement To Replace Entrance Doors And Sidelights
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement To Provide Pest Control Services At Several County Locations
Resolution To Approve The Renewal Of Munis Software Annual Support Agreement From Tyler Technologies
Resolution To Approve The Support Renewal For Hardware Through Avalon Technologies
Resolution To Approve Local Road Agreement With Meridian Township
Resolution To Authorize Contracts With Michigan Paving & Materials Company For Items I & Iii Of Bid Packet #115-18 And Rejection Of All Bids Received For Items Ii & Iv Of Bid Packet #115-18 Various County Primary & Local Road Projects
Resolution To Authorize Reclassification Of Existing, Currently Vacant, Non-Bargaining Position
Resolution To Authorize Extended Cooperative Operational Agreement With The Ingham Community Health Center Board Of Directors
Resolution Honoring Officer Jodi Lebombard On The Occasion Of Her Resignation
Resolution To Honor Emergency Telecommunicator Kathy Murray-Rice Of The Ingham County 9-1-1 Central Dispatch
Resolution To Authorize A Reorganization Of The Sheriff’s Office Field Services Division
Resolution To Authorize A Reorganization In The Juvenile Division
Resolution To Authorize A Contract To Lease The Ingham County Jail Kitchen For Modernized Food Preparation, Packaging, And Delivery
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement To Evaluate And Present A Scope Of Work For 911 Center Mechanical Sound Reduction
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