Broad Band Task Force

Broadband Task Force

Gregg Todd
Commissioner Irene Cahill
Commissioner Randy Maiville
Christopher Mumby
Gene Ulrey
City representative vacancy
CG Lantis
Township representative vacancy
Mike Lilly
Justin Barnaby
Jean Bobaczek
Sheryl Knox
Cloud Kelley
Deb Fett

  Meeting Times

 Meets Quarterly, 6:00 pm,
Human Services Building, 5303 S. Cedar,  Lansing


What We Do

Community feedback and currently available coverage data suggests that a significant number of Ingham County residents do not have access to broadband internet in their homes. Lack of broadband accessibility has a significant impact on economic development, property values, personal prosperity, education, health and safety and overall quality of life.Addressing this challenging issue requires active measures, such as county-wide data collection, a county-wide feasibility study, a county-wide aggregation map and addressing continued awareness of the challenges faced by our communities.

On November 15th, 2021, President Biden signed into law the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which includes $42.5 billion under the Broadband Access, Equity, and Deployment program, which will provide funding for the construction and operation of broadband infrastructure in rural areas. Without proactive action, there is no guarantee that this funding will be allocated to the Ingham County residents who are currently lacking access to broadband internet. Ingham County will serve as a valuable leader to help all of our municipalities pursue allocation of this and other funding and partnership opportunities to achieve broadband equity.

Contact Person:
Gregg Todd, Controller/Administrator
Phone: 517 676-7206