Entries for 2003

Albert LeBlanc to Women's Commission
American Legacy Foundation: Amend 2001 Agreement
MDCH: Delivery of Public Health Services Under CPBC for 2003-2004
Cristo Rey Community Center: Amend Medical Services Agreement
MDCIS & MDEQ: Carry Out Mobile Park Inspections
MDCH: Third Amendment to 2002-2003 CPBC Agreement
Amend Food Service Program Fee Schedule
Michigan Public Health Institute: Improve BCCCP Services
PreSort Services: ICHD Health Plan Management Unit
Authorize Staffing Changes
MDSP/Emergency Management Division: Terrorism Consequence Management
Preparedness Assistance
Authorize Use of Inmate Commissary Funds to Purchase/Install Washing Machines
Authorize Use of Miscellanous Tools Originally Earmarked for Destruction
Amend Contract with MDOC for 2002-2003 Contract
Authorize Contingency Fund Appropriation for Sheriff's Office
Honoring Michael Dustin Corbett
Honoring Janet Strahan
Revise Application to Serve on Advisory Boards and Commissions
Designate October, 2003 as "Celiac Sprue Awareness Month
Honoring Brenda Stoneburner
Pledge Full Faith and Credit to Kalamink Creek Drainage District and Auctioneer Drain
Authorize Establishment of Youth Commission Coordinator Position
Canada Life: Renew Agreement for Employee Disability Income Benefit Program
Dyntek and Hewlett Packard: Purchase/Installation of Storage Area Network
Tom's Advanced Paving: Asphalt Work at six Different County Facilities
Pine Ridge, Inc.: Replace Retaining Wall at Correctional Facility
Approve Contract Extension/Salary Adjustment: Nurse Practitioners & Clinic Nurses
Approve Contract Extension/Salary Adjustment & Job Study, PHN Unit
Authorize Legal Action Against Lansing Charter Township and Lansing Township DDA
Family Independence Agency: Provide Administrative Support for Development of the Strong Families/Safe Children Program
Michigan DEQ: 2003-2004 Agreement
Michigan FIA: Amend Strong Families/Safe Children Agreement
Resolution to Authorize an Amendment to the Refugee Assistance Program Contract with the Michigan Family Independence Agency
Michigan FIA: Amend Teen Parent Program Grant
Designate County Representatives to Engage in Discussions regarding Consolidation
Contract with Office of Drug Control Policy for Drug Court
Reorganize FOC Managerial Staff
Reorganize Juvenile Division Managerial Staff
Amend License Terms and Set Fees for Owner Optional Three-Year License
Authorize Contract with NIESA for Emergency Dispatch Center Communications Services
Authorize Appropriation for Obtaining Frequencies for the Radio Communications System
Authorize the Transfer for Funds for the Jail Renovation Project
Grant Waiver of Requirements of Living Wage Policy
Amend Living Wage Policy
Authorize Reorganization of Supervisor of Computer Operations Position
Authorize Easement Agreements for Lake Lansing Trail
Authorize Adjustments to the Budget
Honoring Medical Care Facility on the Event of its 25th Anniversary
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