Entries for 2004

Capital Area United Way: Capital Area Human Services Connection 
Proposed Consolidation of 54B and 55th District Courts 
Accept Donation of Electric Organ from Mrs. Jerri Babcock
Accept Public Assistance Grant from MSP, Emergency Management Division for Power Outage of August 14-17, 2003 
Honoring Connie Marin 
Authorize Purchase of Replacement Courier Van
Amend 2001 Parks Facility Master Plan 
Accept Donation for Estate of Albert White 
Authorize Amendment to Early On Program 
Place Outstationed FIA Worker in Registration/Enrollment Unit 
Honoring Zella Bernice Thompson 
Authorize Amendments to FOC Budget 
Honoring Dr. Dan Wertz 
Jenita Moore to the Equal Opportunity Committee 
Rami Janoudi and Matthew Witter to Youth Commission 
Designate June 12 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Day 
Honoring Reverend Dr. Michael C. Murphy 
Commending Mask Memorial CME Church for Hosting Freedom Festival
Dietz Janitorial: Cleaning Services at HSB, VMC, GPB and Willow Clinic 
Authorize Funds for Survey Costs for Lake Lansing Trail 
Apply for Department of Natural Resources Community Forestry Grants
Authorize CDBG Business Loan Application for Neogen Corporation 
Contract with I2integration, Inc. 
Honor F. Robert Godbold
Express Appreciation for Interim Medical Direction
Oppose House Bills 5006 and 5276-5278 
Jorge Gomez as Deputy Medical Examiner 
Public Health Nursing/Ingham Intermediate School District 
Ingham Health Plan: Amend Administrative Services Agreement 
Accept Donation from Mr. Donald Krepps 
Reimburse Sheriff's Petty Cash Fund
Authorize Contract with MDOC for 2004-2005 Fiscal Year Contract 
Authorize Sub-contracts for 2004-2005 Programs
Contract with Able Concrete: Communications Shelter Concrete Work
Anne Thompson to Veterans Affairs Committee 
Honor President Ronald Reagan and Designate June 11 as Day of Remembrance 
Adopt Community Development Statement as Required by Application Process 
Regarding Great Lakes Water Withdrawals and Exports 
Apply for Department of Natural Resources Community Forestry Grants 
Honoring Larry L. Lamoreaux 
Employment of County Economic Development Coordinator 
Contract with Tyler Technologies, Eagle Division for E/Recording Application 
Mary Lindemann, Katey Brown, Deborah Lynch, Vicci Knowlton, Kristen McDonald-Stone
Rebecca Bahar-Cook, Cindie Alwood to Women's Commission 
Encourage State Legislature to Change Method of Property Taxation for Manufactures Housing Located within Licensed Housing Parks 
Amend Charter Agreement
In Support of House Bills 5865 and 5866 
Establish Temporary Employment Line Item, Create Part-time Project Coordinator for Youth Violence Prevention Coalition
Authorize Expansion of Facility 
Change Classification of Vacant Nurse Position 
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