Entries for 2004

Authorize Participation in Mid-Michigan Information Technology Master Mutual Aid Agreement  
Support Proposal to Collect County General Fund Taxes in July, Continue Revenue Sharing. 
Amend Cost Categories for Budget Transfers      
Authorize Agreement to Provide Additional Educational and Technical Assistance to Residents on Management/Control of Emerald Ash Borer              
Authorize Amendment to CPBC with Michigan Department of Community Health. 
Amend Refugee Assistance Program Contract with MFIA  
Authorize Grant Contract with Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation  
Authorize 2004-2005 Agreement with City of Lansing 
Authorize 2004-2005 Agreement with MDCH for Delivery of Services Under CPBC Process. 
Dr. Maurice Reizen to Board of Health 
Appointments to the Lead Task Force. 
Honoring Roger Fleming.                                      
Authorize Lease with BW & L for Communication Tower        
Honoring Delores Dee Brown                        
Honoring Bruce Gruner    
Honoring Naomi Gaynor   
Honoring Volunteers Who Built the Hawk Island Playground
Honoring Ron Eggleston 
Appoint Interim Director      
Support Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy     
Ronnie M. Lester: Amend Contract Authorized by Resolution 
Authorize Participation in Amicus Brief: Ann Arbor School District        
Amend 2004 Budget for Automation Fund           
Amend Consolidated Annual Contributions Contract with US HUD
Approve ICEA/Court Professional Contract Extension   
Authorize Sale of Surplus Property (2200 S.Washington)        
Respond to Dues Increase Proposal   
Authorize Two-Month Hiring Delay Policy for 2005 Budget Year   
Community Mental Health: Amend Lease for Sheriff=s Residence   
Authorize Administrative Support Services Agreements with County Health Plans 
Authorize Agreement to Carry Out Mobile Home Park Inspection Program    
Amend CPBC Agreement with MDCH: Provide Interim Chief Medical Executive Coverage 
Appoint Dennis Jurczak as Deputy Medical Director and Authorize Employment Contract. 
Eliminate Vacant Position and Establish New Position 
Authorize Contract with Ionia County Health Department for Medical Direction  
Authorize Contract with Barry-Eaton District Health Department for Medical Direction 
Amend Teen Parent Grant Agreement with MFIA 
Authorize Transfer of Monies from Parks Department to Fund Supervision of FOC Jail Alternative Sentencing Program     
Authorize Budget Transfers                                                            
Honoring Elaine Woodruff   
Accept US DOJ, Bureau of Justice Assistance Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant  
Authorize Acceptance of $4,000 Grant from Wal-Mart Foundation 
Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program       
Accept Victim Services Grant from Crime Victim Services Commission  
Honoring Jordan Thomas Kane   
Honoring Karen Martin  
Honoring Mark Stanley. 
Alexandra Genia to Ingham County Youth Commission      
Support Use of Surface Transportation Program Funds and Dues Increase   
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