Entries for 2004

Extend Special Part-time Coordinator Position through December 31,2004   
Designate Month of October, 2004 as Celiac Sprue Awareness Day
Approve ICEA/County Professionals CBA Extension 
Authorize Adjustments to 2004 County Budget  
Authorize Staffing Adjustments in Two Nursing Positions 
4C Agreement with Family Independence Agency    
2004-2005 Agreement with MI Department of Environmental Quality      
Authorize Budget Amendment: Family Court Juvenile Division  
Authorize Change Order #2 with M/A Com         
Authorize Contract with Lansing for New Trunked Logging Recorder    
Authorize Contract with Lansing for a CAD M/A Com Interface  
Authorize Change Order #3 with M/A Com              
Property in Meridian Township for Sanitary Sewer Line     
Authorize Property Tax Manager Position    
Tool and Die Recovery Renaissance Zone 
Apply for Brownfield Assessment Grant from EPA 
Approve 2004 Apportionment Report  
2005 General Appropriations Resolution.  
State of MI : Office of Drug Control Policy: Byrne Memorial Grant for Drug Court  
MI Supreme Court: 55th District Court/Drug Court  
Reimburse Petty Cash Fund and Bond Account     
Authorize Reduced Contract with MDOC for Probation Residential Services   
Amend Compensation Amount to Veterinarians for Sale of Dog Licenses   
SRC Management: One Year Agreement to Facilitate Data Sharing       
Lansing Police Department: One Year Agreement to Facilitate Data Sharing. 
Authorize Reappointment of Communications/Media Representative and Business Community Representative 
Honoring Women's Resource Center on 30th Anniversary 
Honoring David McGuire, II 
Michael Brueggeman to Lead Task Force        
Michigan Primary Care Association: Financial Support of Otto Health Center Clinic  
Authorize Transfer from Health Fund to General Fund for MSU Extension  
Michigan Primary Care Association: Financial Support of Willow Community Health Center 
Authorize Medical Services Agreement with Ingham Health Plan Corporation 
Authorize Amendment: Medical Group Participation Agreement with PHP   
Authorize Budget Transfers: Temporary Salaries and Wages  
Request Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission to Support DARE Activities     
Authorize Collection of Registration Fee (Sex Offenders Registration Act)      
Accept Rap Grant from MMRMA for Training Room Equipment     
Mary Nicol to Animal Control Shelter Advisory Committee           
Amend Article III, Section 7 of Animal Control Ordinance         
Opt Out of Tax Capture for Expanded DDA        
Managerial Confidential Employee Personnel Policy   
Resolution Honoring D. Martin Luther King      
Resolution Designating December 1, 2004 as "Worlds AIDS Day in Ingham County
Resolution Honoring Terry Brail        
Resolution Honoring Becky Brimley   
Waiver of the Requirements for the Living Wage Policy for Catholic Social Services of Lansing/St. Vincent Home    
Resolution Conditionally Authorizing an Exchange of Property with the Arthur W. Jewett Trust and the Alice L. Jewett Trust  
Amending Resolution 91-164 Increasing the Medical Expense Reimbursement Limit  
Authorize Creation of a Server Technician/Computer Room Coordinator Position   
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