Entries for 2004

Resolution Authorizing an Appropriation from the Women's Commission Budget and Contract with Ballentine Stepping Stones Catholic Social Services of Lansing/St. Vincent Home, Inc. and the Girls Scouts of Michigan Capital Council for Community Services   
Resolution to Amend the 2004 Apportionment Report    
Resolution to Extend the Cooperative Operational Agreement with the Ingham Community Health Center Board      
Agreement with CACS to Expand Jump Start Program to Serve Early Head Start Program 
Authorize 2004-2005 Federal Abstinence Grant Program 
Resolution Authorizing Acceptance of a State Court Administrators Office Grant tothe Friend of the Court for the Access and Visitation Program    
Comprehensive Strategies Implementation Grant  from the Juvenile Justice Grant Unit of Michigan FIA  
Accept $500 Donation from the Wal-Mart Foundation
Resolution Appointing Jamie McAloon-Lampman as Ingham County Animal Control Director 
Directing Staff to Solicit New Proposals for Inmate Visitation and Public Pay Telephone Service   
Cynthia Paul and Mychael Palmer to Equal Opportunity Commission
Mary Stid to the Fair Board      

Conditionally Authorize Exchange of Property (Jewett Trust)   
Renew Retention Program Contract with City of Lansing            
Authorize Re-organization        
Authorize Transfer of Funds to Purchase Used Backhoe       
Approve Settlement in Telecommunication Cable Railroad Corridor Class Action   
Establish Compensation            
Doug Stover as County Grant Administrator for Remonumentation Project  
Ronnie Lester: County Representative for Monumentation/Remonumentation Project  
Rescind 99-286 to Have State Foreclose on Property Forfieted to Treasurer   
Authorize Adjustments to 2004 Budget/Year End Budget Adjustments  
Mary Ettinger to FIA Board       
Authorize Service Contracts with Licensed Dentists for 2005    
MDCH: Amendment #1 to the CPBC Agreement    
MI 4C Association: FY 2005               
Children=s Trust Fund: 0-3 Secondary Prevention Grant    
CATA: Third Amendment  
Honoring Judge Thomas E. Brennan, Jr    
Honoring Judge Thomas L. Brown     
Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission: PA2 Funds for DATE Officer   
Authorize Acceptance of Display Case from Linda Regan.   
Resolution to Authorize Converting the Project Sentry Lead Monitor Position from Half-Time to Three quarter Time
Amend Animal Control Ordinance to Establish Fees and Procedures for Dog Licensing.
Extend Contract for Integration Phase of IJIS          
Authorize 2005 Agreements for Community Agencies  
Honoring Michael Casteel    
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