Entries for 2006

Authorize Temporary Foreclosure Prevention Assistant.        
Appoint County Administrator/Controller.    
Honoring Daniel Irvine       
Congratulate Vision 2020 Lansing    
Adopt 2006 County Equalization Report
Designate County Representatives at State Tax Commission Hearings  
Reorganize Office for Young Children
Amend Ingham County Sanitary Code: Inspection of Onsite Water and Sewage Systems 
Establish Fee Schedule for Point of Sale Regulation     
Request to Submit to Electorate Millage Increase for CATA.   
Dr. Barry Saltman to Board of Health
Encourage Drivers to Operate their Vehicles in a Careful Manner  
Authorize Opening of a Post, Amend MDOC Contract and Related Budget Adjustments
Establish Policy on the County Orientation of County Appointees to Certain Boards, Commissions and Committees 
Honoring Bruce Schafer       
Honoring Mary Ruttan.      
Authorizing Special Election Expenses     
Authorize Adjustments to the 2006 Ingham County Budget
Establish Areas of Priority Emphasis Guiding 2007 Activities and Budget Process
Approve City of Mason to be Included as a Participating Municipality    
Michigan 4C Association:  Authorize Child Care Provider Training Agreement    
Authorize Agreement with Peckham, Inc. for  Call Center Agreement.      
Establish Juvenile Justice Community Agency Process             
Authorize Contract with East Lansing for Ordinance Enforcement Services 
MLJ Consulting, Inc.: Amend  Wireless Communications System management services    
M/A-COM, Inc.: Authorize Change Order #8 for Wireless Communications System   
Health Management Associates: Amend Contract for Review of Jail Medical Services    
Authorize Re-Organization at Project Sentry and Amend 2006 Budget         
Honoring ICSO and Others for their Work in the Ricky Holland Case.
Honoring Dr. Mari Nicol for her five years as Vet at Animal Control       
Honoring Det. Lt. Jeffrey Joy.            
Jasper Group:  Maintenance on Unisys Mainframe 
Pledge Full Faith and Credit for Briarwood Drain Drainage District 2006 Bonds.  
City of Eaton Rapids: Housing Administer Comm. Development Block Grant   
Approve UAW-TOPS Bargaining Agreement.    
Approve ICEA Professionals Bargaining Agreement    
Approve ICEA Court Professionals Bargaining Agreement     
Authorize Amendments 2 & 3 to 2006 CPBC with MDCH  
Honoring Jeffrey Venn.        
Honoring Gail Moore                
AVI Systems:  Upgrades/Purchases for Court Recording Equipment   
Authorize Controller to Procure Property for Continuum of Care Facility 
Submit to Electorate a Juvenile Millage Renewal Question. 
Honoring Dr. Jerome Gallagher on his Retirement. 
Authorize Contract with East Lansing for New Trunked Logging Recorder 
Appreciate Mounted Unit for Support of Youth Education Wagon Train 
Authorize Grant Application for Snow Tubing Hill at Hawk Island .  
Approve Retention Program Contract with Dru Mitchell for Business Program Ret
Approve Tax Sharing Agreement with Meridian Township DDA 
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