Entries for 2006

Authorize Entering into Easement Agreements for Heart of Michigan Trail
Establish Additional Parks Assistant Manager Position
Modify Ordinance Establishing Park Rules and Regulations.      
Simplex Grinnel: Fire Alarm Improvements at Jail   
Update Various Fees for County Services      
Amend Resolution 05-307 h National Assn of Child Care Resources/ReferralAgencies)   
Authorize Child Care Training Agreement with Michigan 4C Association        
Appoint Suganda Lowhim, M.D. as Deputy Medical Examiner      
Authorize Subcontracts with Infant Health Disparities Initiative Grant   
Establish Positions to Implement Point of Sale Regulation  
Maximus, Inc: Preparation and Negotiation of Circuit Court Rate Study   
Authorize Acceptance of Additional $11,500 from MOHSP for 05/06 PA 416 Grant        
Recognize 2006 African American Parade and Festival    
All Play Construction: Splash Playground at Hawk Island          
Honoring Reverend Lawrence H. Hinton.                
Utilize County’s Option to Acquire Tax Foreclosed Properties
Designate June 26-30th as “The Blues Chapter 145 Management Week”   
Amend Memorandum of Understanding for the Early On Program       
Provide Coordinating and Program Support Services       
Contract with MSU Extension and MDHS to Implement Title V Grant     
In Support of the IMPACCT Partnership and Community Based System of Care     
Authorize Approval of Per Diem Magistrate      
Authorize Transfer of Funds to Imprest Cash within FOC Fund.      
Authorize 2006 Agreements for Community Agencies        
MDOC:  2006-2007 Community Corrections Grant and Contract    
Accept Revised Budget of MDSP: 2005 State Homeland Security Grant/Law Enforcemen

Terrorism Prevention Program Grant.           
Honoring Gail Kleine       
Constance Krebs and Nadine Nosal to the Fair Board           
Authorize Release of Attorney/Client Privileged Communication           
Enter into Conditional Agreement for Lease and Operation of Potter Park Zoo    
Sheridan Land Consulting: Extension of Technical Assistance Services to APB       
Accept Donation of Sewer Line from Netterfields Popcorn and Lemonade    
Amend Resolution 05-339, Authorize Per Diems to Board Members Working Fair Week  
AKT Peerless Environmental Consulting: Petroleum Site Assessment Grant Program       
Amend Consolidate Annual Contributions Contract with US Dept of Housing and Urban Development  For Modernization Funding for Carriage Lane Apartments  
Roofcon, Inc.:  Roof Replacement at Ingham County Youth Center
Mid-Michigan Roofing: Roof  Replacement at 55th District Court.     
Niles Construction:  Interior Painting at Youth Center    
Provide Additional Reimbursement to Judicial Assistants      
Certify Representatives for MERS Annual Meeting.
Reclassifying the Diversion Coordinator Position 
Authorize County to Participate      
Amending the 2006 Budget  
Approve Area Plan for Fiscal Years 2007-2009
Sally Trout to Capital Area District Library Board     
MSU Extension to Provide Coordinating and Program Support Services       
Authorize Decrease in Title V Funding for 3rd Year Contract            
Authorize A Fourth Year Contract with MDHS and Associated Subcontractors 
Authorize Public Health Nursing LOU with Ingham Intermediate School District 
Authorize Contract with Joho Technologies          
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