Entries for 2007

JWJ Company, LLC: Amend Lease Agreement for 5656 S. Cedar 
Capital Area Community Services: Jump Start Program for Early Head Start Children 
Michigan 4C Association: Child Care Training for Fiscal Year 2008 
Authorize Establishment of Samuel D. Ingham Academy Pilot Program  
Cities of Lansing and East Lansing : Amendments to 911 2007/08 Operations  
Establish Half-time System Administrator Position for Public Safety Radio System
Parks and Recreation Commission: Raymond Rustem 
Agricultural Preservation Board: Alfred Pallotini
Equal Opportunity Committee: Steven Dunnings
Change Position Title from Assistant to Treasurer to Manager— Lansing Office
Support Acceptance of CEDS Update to the Annual Review Report for 2007-2010
Honoring James Apostol  
Honoring Harold Hailey 
Honoring Pamela J. Sievers 
Rehmann Robson: Outside Auditor Services  
Approve Tax Sharing Agreement with City of Leslie 
Authorize Construction of Vestibules for Lion, Tigers and Snow Leopards
Authorize Replacement of Two Existing Zoo Security Positions with Zookeeper/Security Positions
Authorize Replacement of Boiler in Bird and Reptile House
Honoring Corporal Jesus O. Arroyo  
Congratulating Old Town    
Designate September 28, 2007 as “ Michigan Indian Day” 
MDCH: Delivery of Public Health Services Under CPBC Process  
Shiawassee Community Mental Health Authority: OYC Services to SCFS  
Shiawassee Regional Education Services District:  OYC Services to Great Start Initiative   
Capital Area Transportation Authority: Second Amendment to Agreement for 01/01/06 through 12/31/10
Enhance Case Management System to Accept Electronic Citation Data from Sheriff’s System 
Appropriate Funds for the Samuel D. Ingham Academy Pilot Program  
TUSA Consulting Services: 911 Radio Communication System Consulting Services 
MMRMA: 2007 Risk Avoidance (RAP) Grant
Increase Injured Animal Emergency Veterinarian Services Fees
M/A-Com, Inc: Infrastructure Maintenance of Public Safety Radio System 
Agricultural Preservation Board:  Daniel Hudson    
Congratulating Fair Board and Staff on the 153rd Fair  
Specify Boards’ Authority to Appoint, Employ and Remove Certain Positions  
Authorize Construction of a New Entrance    
Terminate Contract With Cohl, Stoker, Toskey & McGlinchey as of December 31, 2007 
Congratulate Patrick Lindemann on Receiving 2007 Hero of the Great Lakes Award  
PTD Technology: Proprietary Member Management System for Health Department   
Appoint Dennis Jurczak, M.D. and D. Bonta Hiscoe, M.D. ad Deputy Medical Directors and MEs  
Amend Resolution #07-118 and Amend Health Department Fee Schedule  
EVE, Inc.: 2007-2008 Personal Protection Order Office Program  
U.S. Dept. of Justice: Domestic Assault Response Team Program  
MDOC: Rent 190 Beds at Jail
WEBTecs, Inc: Development of IJIS Web Site and Annual Support  
Youth Commission: Cicely deVries and Dannica Ramos-Washington  
Women’s Commission: Betty Gardner and Gabrielle Johnson  
Environmental Affairs Commission: Neal Barncard  
Honoring Donna Rummel    
Adopt Modification to School Group Definition for Admission to Zoo
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