Entries for 2008

Honoring Rex David Borgman
Congratulating Sue Pigg
Designate October 15th 2008 as “National Latino Aids Awareness Day”
Designate September 26th 2007 as “ Michigan Indian Day”
B & J Painting, Inc.: Prep and Paint Post #4 
Authorize Application for CDBG to Advance Jackson National Life Infrastructure Project
Authorize Expenditures for Outdoor Interactive Avian Exhibit
Authorize Adjustments to the 2008 Budget 
Michigan 4C Association: Amend Provider Training Agreement 
Deputy Medical Examiner: Suganda Lowhim, M.D    
Michigan 4C Association: Amend Resource and Referral Agreement   
Amend Regulation Requiring License for Sale of Tobacco (Increase Monetary Penalty) 
Authorize Creation of a Health Program Assistant Position 
Deputy Medical Directors and Deputy Medical Examiners: Dennis Jurczak and D. Bonta Hiscoe
Mi DLEG – Michigan Rehabilitation Services: Cooperative Cash Match Agreement
Family Center Advisory Board: Denise Lycos, Jim Paparella, Gail Kleine, John Castillo, Sally Auer   
Bureau of Juvenile Justice: Summer School Educational Costs at Ingham Academy
Authorize Subcontracts for 2008-2008 Community Corrections Programs
U.S. Dept. of Justice: Continue Gang Resistance Program 
Accept Donations for the Honor Guard 
Honoring Dr. Mari Nicol
Congratulating Thomas M. Cooley Law School
Honoring Dr. Tara Harrison 
Concentra Medical Centers: Occupational Health Services for County Employees
Authorize AFLAC to Offer Voluntary Employee Benefit Products
Recognize Ingham Health Coalition for Their Efforts
Authorize Funding Request for Rayner Park Storm Damage
Teachout Security: Amend Agreement for Services at Family Center
Employment of Relatives Policy
Set Public Hearing on Adoption of Two Amendments to the Plan Redevelopment of Ingham County Fast Track Land Bank Authority Parcels, Amend. No. 1 Land Bank Fast Track Authority City of Lansing Parcels Only”
Approve 2008 Apportionment Report
Authorize Bridge Appropriation for a 2008 Agreement for Angel House Program
Increase Size of Advisory Board  
Safe Havens Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Grant
Distribute $1,000 of Drug Forfeiture Funds to Mid-Michigan Crime Stoppers Program 
Accept $6,000 from Meridian Township Police Department for Equipment from Youth Alcohol Portion of Michigan Safe Communities Grant 
In Opposition to Michigan House Bill 6070 (Amending Emergency Telephone Services Enabling Act
In Support of E-911 Funding as Proposed by Michigan Association of Counties
Approve Brownfield Plan for Redevelopment of Ingham County Land Bank Fast Track Authority Parcels in City of Lansing
Approve Amendments to Brownfield Plan for Redevelopment of Ingham County  Fast Track Authority Properties
Direct to Coordinate Efforts for Ingham County ’s U.S. Cool Cities Climate  Stabilization Goal
2009 General Appropriations Resolution
Define Indigent Veterans and the Services Provided Under PA 214 of 1899
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality: 2008-2009 Agreement
Michigan State University : Adolescent Diversion Program
Sequel Youth Services: Transitional Female Residential Program
Peckham, Inc.: Family Division  Day Treatment Program – Crossroads
Peckham, Inc.: Family Division Girls Group Home Program – Footprints
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