Entries for 2009

Honoring Nicholas Stevenson
Approving Legal Services Contract
Recommending Approval of Visitor Incentive Programs 
Contract with Ehresman Associates Architectural Firm: Consultation of Rhino Yard And Expansion Including Additional Renovations to Holding Building 
Jones and Jones Architects: Completion of Potter Park Zoo Master Plan
Wigen, Tincknell, Meyer & Associates: Masonry Restorations at VMC/GPB 
Accident Fund: Amend Resolution #09-008 Extending Agreement for Workers’ Comp Claims
Convert MUNIS Financial System Database from Informix to Microsoft SQL  
Accept Support Grant from Corporation for National And Community Services for Additional Funding for the VISTA Coordinator
Michigan Department of Community Health: Amendment #3, CPBC Agreement 
Michigan 4C Association: Amend Child Care Provider Training Agreement
Michigan 4C Association: Extend Resource and Referral Agreement
Adopt 2010 Community Agency Calendar
Authorize Transfer of FCC Public Safety Communications License
Accept 2007 Homeland Security Grant Program Funds and Approve Projects  
Youth Commission: Mariyah Black-Watson and James Curry 
Fidlar Technologies: Purchase of Property Fraud Alert Software 
Accept Brownfields Assessment Grant from U.S. EPA
Authorize Construction of Eurasian Eagle Owl Exhibit
Stouffer Masonry Washing, Inc.: Exterior Restoration at Hilliard and 55th District Court
Nelson Trane: Air-Cooled Rotary Screw Water Chiller at Hilliard Building
Updating Various Fees for County Services  
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Evaluate Impact of a Quality Improvement Project 
Affirm Duties of Jury Board   
Transfer Administration of Jury Administration Duties to Circuit Court and Appoint Circuit Court Administrator as Jury Administrator 
Cornell Abraxas Group, Inc: Residential Care and Treatment Services 
Recognize the ICONS Program
Honoring Mai-Doua Xiong
Adopt Recommendation of 911 Steering Committee to Select Site for a 911 Consolidated Dispatch Facility 
Equal Opportunity Committee: Mitchell Rivard 
Authorize Waiver of Liability and General Release of All Claims for Volunteer Services at the HSB by Deloitte Consulting, LLP  
Utilize County’s Option to Acquire Tax Foreclosed Property
Authorize CIP Adjustment for Fencing Installation to be Performed by DeWitt Fencing  
T.H. Eifert Mechanical Contractors: Boiler Replacement at Potter Park Zoo (Zookeepers Lounge)
Allied Building Services: Replacement of Two HVAC Units at Animal Shelter  
Shaw-Winkler: Replacement of Condensate Receiver at Jail 
ICEA Friend of the Court Park Crew Leaders (01/01/2009-12/31/2011) 
OPEIU Circuit Court/Family Division Professional Employees (01/01/2009-12/31/2011)
FOP Corrections Officers (01/01/2009-12/31/2011)   
OPEIU Probate Court Professional Employees (01/01/2009-12/31/2011) 
Approve Purchase Technical Support Agreement from Analysts International  
Approve Renewal of MUNIS Software Annual Support Agreement  
Project Labor Agreement 
Adjust Status of Position within BOC Office   
Congratulate Allen Neighborhood Center on their 10th Anniversary  
Capital Area United Way: Amend Collaborative Agreement 
W.K. Kellogg Foundation:  Address Root Causes of Health Inequity 
In Support of House Bills 4785 and 4786 – Expansion of Unemployment Benefits and Acceptance of $138 Million in Federal Stimulus Funds
American Legacy Foundation: Amend “House Calls” Grant Contract 
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