Entries for 2010

Joseph Leppanen, D.V.M.:  Authorize Animal Control Shelter Veterinary Services
National Council on Alcoholism:  Subcontract to Provide Cognitive Change Group Sessions with  PA511 Community Corrections Funding for FY 2009-2010
Resolution to Establish the Law and Order Fund (LOFT) for Technology and Dissolve the IJIGS  Committee and Pit Crew
Authorize Project Labor Agreement for Rhino Exhibit Expansion Project
Authorize Real Steel Production to use Mason Courthouse for Filming Movie Scenes
Authorize Contract with Myers Plumbing & Heating for Boiler at the Jail and HSB

Contract to Boynton Fire Service to Provide Fire Prevention Services at Several County Facilities

Adopting the Deficit Elimination Plan for the Ingham County Fair Fund
Additional Funding for the Revolving Drain Fund (Fund 802)
Authorize Sparrow Occupational Health as County’s Occupational Health Services Provider
Authorize Contract with Maximus for the Preparation of the County-Wide Child Care Cost  Allocation Plans
Authorize Charitable Donation from Marjorie Hahn Trust.
Authorize Administering the Ingham County Community Agency Process and Make Funding    Recommendations to the Board of Commissioners
Michigan Department of Community Health:  Authorize Amendment #3 2009-2010 Comprehensive Planning Agreement
Tri-County Office on Aging:  Agreement Enabling Ingham County Health Department as Lead
Agency Assuring Classes Offered to Adults in the Community
Authorize Realignment of Health Department Programs and Administrative Structure
Distribute $1,000 of Drug Forfeiture Funds to Contract with the Mid Michigan Crime Stoppers Program
Honoring Calvin Lynch
Bergman, Inc.:  Fundraising Source ID Study for the Potter Park Zoo
Authorize Father’s Day Visitor Incentive Program
Modernistic Lansing, LLC:  Carpet Cleaning at Various County Facilities
Great Lakes Window Cleaning:  Extending Contract at Various County Facilities
H & C Earthworks & Construction, LLC:  Concrete Repair Work at Mason Courthouse
PM Technologies:  Provide Back up Generator Services for Various County Facilities 10-175
Updating Various Fees for County Services
Congratulating Donna Hobart on the Event of her Retirement from the Tri-County Office On Aging
Adopt the 2011 Juvenile Justice Community Agency Process Calendar 
Authorize Indoor Security Camera System for the Sheriff’s Office
Authorize a Fair Adult Refreshment Tent
Full Faith and Credit to Cluckey, Hearthside Acres Branch Drain Drainage District 2010 Notes.
Full Faith and Credit to Blakslee Drain Drainage District 2010 Notes
Resolution to Authorize Service Contracts for Conducting Title Searches
Utilize the County’s Option to Acquire Tax Foreclosed Property
Limited Tax Pledge for Land Bank Fast Track Authority Series 2007 Note and Series 2009A Note 
Resolution Authorizing Commissioner Compensation for 2011 and 2012
Authorize Funds for Legal Services Requested by the Ingham County Road Commission
City of Mason:  Lease/Option to Purchase Agreement for Rayner Park.
MI Dept. of Community Health:  Authorize Amendment #4 to the 2009-2010 Comprehensive Planning, Budgeting and Contracting Agreement
Agreement with MSU to Delegate Certain Environmental Health Responsibilities.
Family Center Advisory board, Bryan Van Dorn
Authorize Purchase of IP-Video Surveillance Cameras for the Ingham County Jail
Approve Purchase of a New Animal Shelter Application from Multiple Options
Community Oriented Policing Servicing:  Hiring Program
Honoring Donna Old on the Event of her Retirement from the Lansing School District
Honoring Lucile Belen
Honoring Susan Kosier on the Event of Her Retirement 
Honoring Teresa Borsuk on the Event of Her Retirement
Recognizing the 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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