Entries for 2010

Authorize a Michigan Community Service Commission Americorps Grant Position Placement for the Family Division of Circuit Court
Authorizing the Ingham County 55th District Court to Accept Two Grant Awards from the Michigan Supreme Court’s State Court Administrative Office – Michigan Drug Court Grant Program (SCAO-MDCGP) and The Office of Highway Safety (SCAO-OHSP)
Authorizing a Contract with GAV Associates, Inc. to Provide Architectural & Engineering Services for    Renovations to the Ingham County Family Center
Accepting a 2010 Technology Grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services
Contract with Visionair, Not to Exceed $250,000 for the County Wide Booking System
Authorizing a Contract with Rehmann Robson for Consulting and Software Development to Assist the Ingham County Financial Services Department 
Adopt a Policy on Cost Increases for Services Related Contracts in Ingham County
Approve the Purchase of a 1GB Fiber Network Connection from Arialink to the Ingham County Family Center
Amending the Ingham County Local Purchasing Preference Policy
Transfer all Unsold Tax Reverted Properties Rejected by Local Units of the Ingham County Land Banks Fast Track Authority
Honoring the Lansing Housing Commission for its Smoke Free Policies
Contract with Claimremedi, Inc. for Claims Clearinghouse  and Eligibility Services

Authorizing the First Amendment to the Agreement with the Capital Area Transportation Authority Dated January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2015
Authorizing 2011 Agreements for Community Agencies
Making an Appointment to the Equal Opportunity Committee
Honoring Norm Austin for His Years of Service with the City of Mason Fire Department
Authorizing Entering into a Contract with Landscape Architects & Planners, Inc. for the Engineering of the Hawk Island Tubing Hill  
Authorizing a Contract with Michigan Supply Company for the Purchase of Programmable Water Technology 
Contract for Commercial and Industrial Appraisals for the Ingham County Equalization Department
Amend the 2010 Apportionment Report 
Approving Various Contracts for the 2011 Budget Year
Honoring Patricia Sonnenberg
Authorize an Amendment to the Agreement with the Regents of the University of Michigan for the Provision of  Dental Services 
Authorize 2010-2011 Provider Contracts with the Ingham Health Plan Corporation
Authorize an Amendment to the Nurse Practitioner Services Agreement with Michigan State University   College of Nursing
Approve the Purchase of Courtroom Technology from Tel Systems for the Circuit Court, District Court, Probate Court, Friend of the Court and Family Court
Support of Williamstown Township Police Services Transition 
Accept a Grant from the State of Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP) to Purchase MicrosoftViso Programs for Traffic Accident Reporting
Enter into a Contract with the City of Lansing and to Accept the 2009 Homeland Security Grant Program Funds
Authorizing a Receive Site Tower Generator Improvements Project for the Public Safety Wireless Voice Communication System
Appointments to the Potter Park Zoo Advisory Board 
Honoring Ryan McGuire
Authorizing the Ingham County Board of Commissioners to Continue as a Member of the Lansing Area Economic Partnership (LEAP)   
Authorizing a One Year Contract Extension with Sheridan Land Consulting to Provide Technical Assistance to the Ingham County Farmland and Open Space Preservation Board
Rescinding Resolution #10-340 and Accepting $607,326.00 and Approving Cooperative Agreement No. 735D211043 Amendment 1 Between the United States of America and Ingham County for the Implementation of the Federal Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program  
Authorizing the Transfer of Funds from the 2008 Parks Operating Fund to the City of Mason
Approve the purchase of a Fiber Optic Connection to Otto Clinic from Arialink
Entering into an Agreement with Imagesoft, Inc. for Annual Maintenance of the Onbase Imaging
Authorize Start-up Funds for the New Flex Spending Account Vendor
Authorize Imprest Funds for the Jail’s New Inmate Trust Account System
Authorizing an Appropriation from the 2010 County Contingency Fund for Legal Representation in the Case of Ingham County Prosecutor v. 30th Circuit Court Judge Court of Appeals no. 301037
Authorizing the Controller to Make Year End Budget Adjustments
Extend the Cooperative Operational Agreement with the Ingham County Health Center Board
Honoring Susan O’Shea, Administrator, Ingham County Medical Care Facility, on the Event of Her  Retirement
Authorizing A Memorandum Of Agreement With The Corporation For National And Community Service For The  5th Year Of The Power Of We Consortium’s Vista Project
Amend the agreement with the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University for an Infectious  Disease Physician
Authorize an Agreement with the Shiawassee Regional Education Services District to Retain the Services of the Office for Young Children to Lead the Great Start Collaborative Iniative in Shiawassee County
Authorize an Agreement with the Shiawassee Regional Education Services District to Retain the Services of the  Office for Young Children to Provide Early Head Start Services in Shiawassee County
Authorize A Moving Our Community Toward Health Grant
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