Entries for 2011

Recognizing “Black History/Cultural Diversity Month” in Ingham County
Honoring Michael McDonald
Honoring Dennis B. Propst
Honoring Jon W. Coleman on Event of Retirement
Establishment of an Assessment Administrator position in the Drain Commission Office
Accepting 2010 Community Development Block Grant Funding for the Michigan State Housing Development Authority in the Amount of $283,300
Accepting 2009 Home Grant Funding from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority in the Amount of $319,000
Purchase of a County-Wide Web Site Content Management System (CMS) and Services from Web Ascender
Approve the Purchase Annual Maintenance of our Exagrid Backup Appliances from CDW-G
Entering into an Agreement with CDW-G for Migration to the Microsoft Exchange Email Software
Approve an Amendment and Restatement of Ingham County’s Section 125 Flexible Benefit Plan
Authorizing an Extension of the Contract Between Republics/Allied Waste Services of Western
Michigan and Ingham County for Dumpster Service at all Ingham County Parks
Contract with the Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group for Vending Machine Service at all Ingham County Parks
Amend the 2010 Potter Park Zoo Master Plan
Authorizing the Human Resources Department to Contract with the Ingham County Road Commission to Provide Limited Human Resources Services
Designating January 27, 2011 as “International Holocaust Remembrance Day” in Ingham County
Authorize the 2010 – 2011 Schedule A Addendum to the BCBS Administrative Services Agreement for Services to Ingham County Jail Inmates
Authorize a Contract with Presort Services, Inc.
Authorize Three Adolescent Health – Child and Adolescent Health Center Grant Agreements with the Michigan Primary Care Association
Amend Resolution #10-138 to Extend an Agreement with Ingham Intermediate School District/Ingham Birth to Five Great Start Collaborative
Authorize an Agreement with Eaton Intermediate School District to Prevent and Reduce Tobacco use and Alcohol Abuse in Ingham County
Agreement with Midland County Educational Services Agency for Services Associated with the Great Start Regional Child Care Resource Center – Central and Eastern Regions
Enter into a Michigan Groundwater Stewardship Program (MGSP) Clean Sweep Program Agreement
with the Michigan Department of Agriculture
Agreement with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment for 2010-2011
An Amendment to the Lease Agreement for the Willow Health Center
Authorize Entering into a Contract with Sequel TSI of Idaho, LLC
Authorizing the Ingham County 55th District Court to Accept a Grant Award from the Michigan Supreme Courts:  State Court Administrative Office-Mental Health Services for Drug Court Participants Program (SCAO/MHSDCP)  
Authorize Entering into a Contract with Graphic Sciences and to Hire Temporary Employees in Image Friend of the Court Case Files
Accept the 2011 Emergency Vehicle Operations Grant
Authorizing a Contract with Visionair for a New Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) for the Lansing 911 Center and to Upgrade both 911 Centers Manual Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD Programs   
An Appointment to the Farmland and Open Space Preservation Board
Approving the Ranking of the Farms from the 2010 Purchases of Development Rights Applications Cycle and Proceeding with Negotiations to Purchase Permanent Conservation Easement Deeds On the Top Ten Ranked Farms                        
Amend the Contract with Delta Electrical Contractors of Lansing, Inc. to Install a New Emergency  Notification System for the Fairgrounds

Resolution to Approving Entering into a 3-Year Agreement with Courtview Justice Solutions for Annual Courtview Software Maintenance and the Addition of Dashboard Software and ECMS Adapter

Approve Entering into a 3-Year Agreement with Courtview Justice Solutions for Annual Courtview Software Maintenance and the Addition of Dashboard Software and ECMS Adapter
Authorizing the Approval of Amendment #3 with the Department of Natural Resources to Develop A Snow Tubing Hill at Hawk Island Park   
Accepting Donations, Authorizing the Purchase of an Electronic Entrance Gate System for the Soldan Dog Park, and Amending Resolution #05-154 Authorizing an Agreement with the City of Lansing for the Operation of a Non-Motorized Pathway through Scott Woods Park
Establishing a Policy Regarding Litigation Between Ingham County Entities 
Honoring Ginger Kenney-Sweet’s 27 Years of Dedicated Service to the Ingham County MSU Extension 4-H Youth Development Program                                                        
Granting Meridian Township an Easement for a Water Main Necessary for the Therapy Pool Under Construction at the Medical Care Facility
Authorize a Contract with Michigan Department of Human Services to Provide Nursing Care to Children in Foster Care
Authorize a Contract with Washtenaw County Public Health to Deliver Workshop in Health to Deliver Workshop in Health Equity and Social Justice
Authorization to Enter into a Contract with Various Residential Placements
Approve the Purchase of a Replacement Security Camera System for the Ingham County Youth Center
Authorizing the Purchase of Fill Dirt from CM Excavation for the Contraction of the Hawk Island Tubing Hill
Honoring Judy Silsby for her service to the Ingham County Historical Commission
Approve the purchase of Purewire Web Security services from Fishnet Security
Amend Resolution #05-295 which delegates certain authority to the Ingham County Parks and Recreation Commission
Authorize additional Imprest Funds for the Jail’s new Inmate Trust Debit Card System
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