Entries for 2011

Authorizing contracts to distribute County Urban Redevelopment Funds
Honor Captain Rick Miller of the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office
Honoring Deputy Jerry Walley of the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office
Authorize a Juvenile Account Ability Block Grant program award from the Michigan Department Of Human Services and Sub-contract with the Dispute Resolution Center of Central Michigan
Authorizing an agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture Office of Inspector General for the Purpose of Receiving Reimbursable Costs for providing resources for a Joint Dog Fighting Operation
Authorizing an agreement with the Michigan Department of Agriculture for the purpose of Receiving Reimbursable costs for providing Spay/Neuter Surgeries to Animals at Ingham County Animal Control
Authorizing Entering into contract with Williamston Township in order to provide one time funding to Supplement Police Services to County Residents
Authorizing 2011 Administrative Fund
2011 Borrowing Resolution (2010 Delinquent Taxes)
Authorize an Appointment to the Farmland and Open Space Preservation Board
Authorizing a Contract with Supreme Rental to Provide Portable Restroom Services at Various Ingham County Parks and Fairgrounds
Authorizing a Contract with Century Construction, LLC for Roof Replacement on Four Buildings at Burchfield Park
Authorizing the Addition of the Feline House Shift Door Replacement to the Potter Park Zoo 2011 Capital Improvement Budget
Authorizing the Chiller Replacement at the Hilliard Building to be Performed by Matrix Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Authorizing the Addition and Renewal of the Hardware Maintenance Agreement from Service Express, Incorporated for 12-Months
Authorizing a Part-Time Temporary Position at the Ingham County Fairgrounds
Authorizing Implement the Evaluation of the 2009 Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Phased Reorganization
Authorize Reorganization within the Treasurer’s Office
Establishing the Budget Calendar for 2012
Authorizing Creating a Public Act 88 Task Force
Authorize Calling on the State of Michigan to Preserve Revenue Sharing For Counties
Authorize Calling on the State of Michigan to Preserve the State Earned Income Tax Credit
Authorizing the Amendment of the Ingham County Sanitary Code by Adding Chapter Viii to Approve Regulations Governing the Identification and Disclosure of Toxic, Hazardous, or Polluting Materials
Authorizing the Adoption of the 2011 Fees for Chapter VIII of the Ingham County Sanitary Code (Pollution Prevention Regulation)
Authorizing Agreements with the Ingham County Road Commission and Salvation Army 
Honoring Gloria Vorhauer, Health Department
Honoring Melany Mack, Health Department
Honoring Vicky Morales, Health Department
Honoring Judith Price, Health Department
Authorize a Contract with Health Management Associates to Assist With Health Plan Management Services’ Strategic Planning
Authorizing a Contract Extension Agreement with the Michigan Association of Police
Authorizing Calling on the State of Michigan to Add Public Libraries to its Gun Free Zones
Authorizing Designating March, 2011 as “Certified Government Financial Manager Month” in Ingham County  
Authorizing Recognizing March, 2011 as “Women’s History Month” in Ingham County
Authorizing Entering into a Permanent Conservation Easement Agreement with Meridian Township
Authorizing a Contract Renewal with Smiths Detection for the Maintenance of the X-Ray Screening Device at the Grady Porter Building and Veterans Memorial Courthouse
Authorizing an Agreement with Nelson Trane (Resolution #10-111) for the Air-Cooled Rotary Screw Water Chiller at the Ingham County Human Services Building, Youth Center and Jail
Authorizing an Agreement with Astrophysics for the Maintenance of the X-Ray Screening Device at the Ingham County Family Center
Authorizing an Agreement with Gabriel Roeder Smith and Company to Conduct a Bi-Annual Retiree Health Care Valuation
Authorization of Infinisource, Inc. as the County’s Third Party Administrator for the Employee’s Flexible Spending Account
Authorize an Appointment to the Senior Citizens Advisory Board
Authorize an Amendment to the Pediatric Physician Agreement with the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University
Authorize Provider Contracts with Barry-Eaton Health Plan
Authorization to Amend the Contract Amount for the Ingham Academy Day Treatment Program 
Authorizing Contracts for Attorney Services for Probate Court Mental Illness Matters Heard at St. Lawrence Hospital 
Authorizing Contracts for Attorney Services for Probate Court in General Matters 
Authorizing 10 and 12 Hour Jail Nurse Shifts for the Jail Nurses at the Ingham County Jail
Authorizing the Michigan Department of State Police, Emergency Management Division 2009 State Homeland Security Grant, Regional Planner Grant 
Authorizing a Modification to the Contract with the Michigan Department of Corrections for Ingham County/City of Lansing Community Corrections and Subcontracts for Community Corrections Programs for Fiscal Year 2010-2011.
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