Entries for 2011

Amend the Family Division of the Circuit Court’s Ingham Academy Program contracts and to Purchase additional Technological Resources at the Ingham Academy 
Authorize the Purchase of Furniture and a Minivan for the Ingham Academy 
Adopt the 2012 Juvenile Justice Community Agency Process Calendar
Authorizing submission of a Grant Application and entering into a Contract with the Michigan Department of Corrections for Ingham County /City of Lansing Community Corrections And Authorizing Entering into Subcontracts for Community Corrections Programs for FY 2011-2012   
Department of Corrections for Ingham County /City of Lansing Community Corrections And Authorizing Entering into Subcontracts for Community Corrections Programs for FY 2011-2012 
Authorizing Funding for Two Temporary Animal Control Positions 
Approving Cooperative Agreement Np.73-5D21-11-31 Between United States and Ingham County To Accept Approximately $305,913.00
Making an Appointment to the Equal Opportunity Committee 
Certifying Representatives for the MERS Annual Meeting 
Authorizing an Agreement between the City of Lansing and the County of Ingham for Maintenance of Certain City Parks 
Authorize a Contract for Legal Services with Cohl, Stoker & Toskey, P.C. 
Authorizing an Increase in the Parks Department Imprest (Petty) Cash Fund by Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars ($750)
Authorizing a Michigan Community Service Commission Americorps Grant Position Placement for The Parks Department
Authorizing Payment to Planned Migration and Ed Novak for the Shipping of Rhinos from Sedgwick Zoo and Miami Zoo to Potter Park Zoo 
Authorizing a Budget Adjustment to the Lake Lansing Park-South Beach House Roofing Project
Authorizing a Budget Adjustment to the Hawk Island Park Tubing and Snowboard Hill project   
Authorizing the Purchase of Snow Making Equipment for Hawk Island 
Authorizing the Purchase of Snow Tubing and Snow Boarding Lifts for Hawk Island 
Authorizing a One Year Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Michigan Association of Police-Law Enforcement Unit 
Authorizing a Quit Claim Deed for Purpose of Releasing an Easement for Drainage Purposes     
Authorize Financial Adjustments for 2011
Approving Tri-County Office of Aging’s Annual Implementation Plan for Fiscal Year 2012
Honoring Charles Ross 
Authorizing a Line Item Shift in the Department of Human Services Child Care Fund Budget 
Honoring Mark Banghart  
Honoring Diane Gorch 

Honoring Paula Schultz
To Authorize an Amendment to the Memorandum of understanding for the “Early On” Program 
Accepting a Monetary Donation from Mack Phelps for Emergency Assistance for Ingham County Veterans and their Families  
Accepting a Monetary Donation from Regency Beauty Salon for Emergency Assistance for Ingham
 County Veterans and their Families 
To Authorize a Contract Amendment with the Michigan Department of Human Services to provide Administrative Support for Development of the Strong Families/Safe Children Program 
To Authorize an Amendment to the Lease Agreement with Sparrow Health System
To extend the Contract with Temple Smith to Support the Social Justice Project 
To extend Contracts with One Love Global, Inc., and the School Health Community Alliance of  Michigan to Support the Health Equity Youth Academy 
To Authorize Acceptance of the Child and Adolescent Health Center Awards from the Michigan Department of Community Health 
Re-Establish the Position of Health Officer within the Health Department 
Renew Agreement with Credit Bureau Collection Services, Inc. (CBCS) for Collection of Delinquent 
Debt held by the Circuit Court  
Approve the Purchase of the Design and Implementation of Cisco Phones and Contact Center Express For the Ingham County District Court from Netarx, Inc. 
Authorizing a Revised Project Design for the Consolidated 911 Dispatch Center  
To Enter into an Agreement with the City of Lansing to Accept the 2011 Local JAG Grant from the Department of Justice 
Amend the Delhi Township Police Services Contract by adding a School Resource Officer
Authorizing Entering into a Contract with the City of Lansing for an Allocation of Funds to Ingham County/City of Lansing Community Corrections for the City 2011-2012 Fiscal Year 
Designating September 26, 2011 “Family Day – A Day to Eat Dinner with your Children in Ingham County 
Honoring Ashley Harding  
Amend Resolution #05-295 which Delegates Certain Authority to the Ingham County Parks And Recreation Commission 
Opposing Efforts of the Michigan Legislature to make Michigan a “Right to Work” State
Honoring Dr. Joan Jackson Johnson   
Authorize Rehmann Robson to conduct an Audit of Ingham County for 2011, 2012 and 2013
Authorizing entering into a Contract with Vidcom Solutions for Installation of New Software for the Galaxy System Upgrade at the Veterans Memorial Courthouse and Grady Porter Building   
Authorizing the Approval of Amendment #1 with the Department of Natural Resources to improve The Fishing Dock at Burchfield Park 
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