Entries for 2011

Authorizing the Establishment of Ingham County Employee Discount Activity User Fees
Pledging Full Faith and Credit to Deer Creek Drain Drainage District 2011 Notes and/or Bonds  
Honoring Diana Delgado   
Authorize the use of the Ingham County Health Department Logo on the Medtipster RX Discount Card  
Authorize 2011-2012 Public Health Service Agreement with the Ingham Health Plan Corporation
Authorize a 2011-2012 Americorps Grant  
Authorize a Consultant Agreement with the Michigan Association for Local Public Health
Authorize the Intergovernmental Transfer of Ingham County Funds to support DSH Payments to Ingham Regional Medical Center and Sparrow Health System 
Authorize Amendment #3 to the 2010-2011 Comprehensive Planning, Budgeting and Contracting Agreement with the Michigan Department of Community Health 
Authorize a Re-Organization in Ingham County Department of Veteran Affairs and a Waiver of the Hiring Freeze/Delay  
Approve Contracts for Attorney Services for Probate Court in Guardian Ad Litem Matters  
Authorizing Entering into a Contract for Attorney Services for Juvenile Delinquency and Truancy Matters 
Authorize a Part-Time Veterinary Position for the purpose of Addressing the Veterinary Care and Spay and Neuter of Shelter Animals at the Animal Control Department 
Recommend Entering to a Contract with West Shore Services, Inc. and Visionair, Inc. Utilizing Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) Funds 
Authorizing a Contract with Visionair for the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office Visionmobile Police Work Technology Station Software project module on the New Visionair Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System 
Authorize Entering into an Agreement with Advanced Wireless Telecom to Purchase a new 911 Phone System with Eaton, Clinton and Livingston County  
Setting a final public hearing for Community Development Block Grant MSC 207024 EDIG Jackson National Life/Lansing Board of Water and Light Infrastructure Project 
Honoring Pastor Aaron Milton and Elect Lady, Evangelist Virgie Milton 
Recognizing September 23, 2011 as “Michigan Indian Day” In Ingham County 
Authorizing transfer from General Fund Reserve for Contingency to cover Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) deficit for fiscal year ending September 30, 2011 in the amount of  $40,000
Authorizing a contract with Graham Construction Corporation for County Wide Sidewalk and Parking Lot repairs  
Rescind Resolution #08-061 and Re-Establish a Policy and Guidelines for use of County Facilities And Solicitation on County Property 
Authorizing a Budget Adjustment to complete the Shift Door Replacement – Feline House Project And entering into a Contract with Laux Construction  
Authorizing an Amendment to the Agreement between the City of Lansing and Ingham County for Maintenance of Certain City Parks  
Authorizing the Establishment of User Fees for Disc Golf Rental and Replacement at Burchfield Park 
Authorizing Discounted Soldan Dog Park Entrance Fee for Owners of Service Animals 
Authorizing an Amendment of the 2011 Potter Park Capital Improvement Budget
Authorizing a Budget Adjustment to the Potter Park Zoo 2011 Capital Improvement Rhino Project  
Amending Resolution #11-254 and authorizing the use of the County Logo on the Medtipster RX  Discount Card 
Authorize a Letter of Understanding with the Ingham Intermediate School District for Early on Services
Authorize an agreement with Capital Area Community Services to serve Early Head Start Children Through the Family Outreach Services Program 
Authorize a 2011-2012 agreement with the City of Lansing 
Authorize a 2011-2012 agreement with the Michigan Department of Community Health for the Delivery of Public Health Services under the Comprehensive Planning, Budgeting and Contracting (CPBC) Process 
Renew a Lease Agreement for the Healthy Smiles Dental Center at 2815 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 203, Lansing MI 
Authorize the Ingham County Health Department to enter into a No Cost Agreement with Sparrow Laboratories 
Authorize Administrative Support Services Agreements with County Health Plans 
Authorizing the First Amendment to the Agreement with the Capital Area Transportation Authority Dated January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2015  
Authorizing 2012 Agreements for Juvenile Justice Community Agencies  
Approve the renewal of the Annual Maintenance for FX Services Software Maintenance for the Ingham County EDACS Radio System from the Harris Corporation  
Approve Entering into a 3-Year agreement with AT&T for the Purchase of Two T-1 Circuits from The Ingham County Data Center to the City of Lansing 911 PSAP  
Authorizing Contracts with Lansing and East Lansing for 911 FY 2011/2012 Operations  
Contract with the Mid Michigan Crime Stoppers Program 
Authorizing a Contract with State of Michigan, Department of Community Health, Crime Victim Services Commission for Crime Victim Rights Funding   
Authorizing a Contract with State of Michigan, Department of Community Health, Crime Victim Services Commission for Continuation of its Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Program
Authorizing a Second Line Item Shift in the Department of Human Services Child Care Fund Budget  
To participate in a Regional Brownfield Redevelopment Coalition and Joint Grant application to the United States Environmental Protection Agency   
Establishing user fees for the Hawk Island Snow Board Hill combination Snow Board/Snow Tubing Hill user fees    
Authorizing the acceptance of $944.35 Risk Avoidance Program (RAP) Grant Award for Parks and Recreation Alert Frisbees for the Michigan Municipal Risk Management Association (MMRMA) 
Authorizing the acceptance of a $1,000 Risk Avoidance Program (RAP) Grant Award for a Break Away Snow Fence for the Michigan Municipal Risk Management Association (MMRMA)  
Authorizing adjustments to the 2011 Ingham County Budget    
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