Entries for 2011

Honoring Deputy Jeff Ribby for his 15 dedicated Years of Service to the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office                                                                           
To use approved 2011 Capital Improvement Funds to Purchase Paperless and Imaging Software
Programs and Hardware for Central Records of the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office
Authorizing the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office to Transfer the Assignment of Granted Easement and
The Sale of existing Radio Tower to the Ingham County Road Commission
To Acept the Michigan State Police 2011 Hazard Mitigation Grant & Enter into Subcontract with the
Tri-County Regional Planning Commission to update the Hazard Mitigation Plan
Enter into a Contract with the City of Lansing and  Program Funds
Authorizing Entering into a Subcontract with Northwest Initiative for Day Reporting Program Services for FY 2011-2012  
Making Appointments to the Animal Control Shelter Advisory Committee
Making an Appointment to the Youth Commission
Authorizing the amendment of Resolution #09-263 to Change “Monday Free Day” to “Wednesday Free Day" for Vehicle Entrance Fees 
Approving a Special Deer Hunt at Lake Lansing Park-North 
Approving Various Contracts for the 2012 Budget Year
Honoring Cheryl Merriott   
Authorizing 2012 Agreements for Community Agencies
Authorize a Cooperative Cash Match Agreement with the Michigan Department of Licensing and 
Regulatory Affairs – Michigan Rehabilitation Services
Authorize an Amendment to the Administrative Services Agreement with Blue Cross Blue Shield
For Services at the Ingham County Jail
Authorizing Extension of Training Agreement with Michigan State University Extension Services
Amend an Agreement with Capital Area Community Services to serve Early Head Start Children Through the Family Outreach Services Program         
Authorize Contracts with Four Local Health Departments to Carry out Social Justice Dialogue Projects
Authorize Acceptance of Funds Related to the Development of a Patient Centered Medical Home And to Authorize a New Position
Authorizing the Ingham County 55th District Court to Accept Two Grant Awards from the Michigan Supreme Court’s: State Court Administrative Office-Michigan Drug Court Grant Program(SCAO-MDCGP) and the Ooffice of Highway Safety (SCAO-OHSP)
Authorizing Participation with the Meridian Township Police Department Highway Safety Grant
Authorizing the Appointment of the Media Representative to the Ingham County/City of Lansing Community Corrections Advisory Board
Honoring John Siciliano                                      
Honoring Andrew Payton 
Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Amending the Board Rules to Change the Schedule of the 2012 Board of Commissioners’ Meeting
Honoring Dorothy Wilson
Honoring Cristo Rey Church on the Event of its 50th Anniversary
Resolution of Intent to Dissolve the Ingham County Board of Road Commissioners and Create an Ingham County Department of Transportation and Roads
Approve Entering into an Agreement with Imagesoft, Inc. for Annual Maintenance of the Onbase Imaging Application                                                         
Authorizing a Contract with Adjuvant Expos, Inc. to Provide Managerial Services at the Ingham County Fairgrounds
Amending fees for Accessing Documents in the Register of Deeds Office
Authorizing a Contract with Landscape Architects & Planners for the Engineering of the Hawk Island Snow Board Hill   
Authorizing Approval of Amendment #2 with the Department of Natural Resources to Improve the
Fishing Dock at Burchfield Park
Authorizing Payment to Zoo Miami for the Care and Housing of a Black Rhino before its Transfer to the Potter Park Zoo
Authorizing a Contract with Borner Restoration to Provide Repairs to the Concrete/Gunite Surfaces In the Feline/Primate Building
Authorizing a Contract with Clery Fence Company to Construct New Fencing in the Oryx Exhibit       
Authoring the Controller to Make Year End Budget Adjustments and to Amend the 2012 Budget
Authoring the Controller to Make Year End Budget Adjustments and to Amend the 2012 Budget Snow Tubing Hill 
Authorizing an Agreement for Michigan State University Extension Services Between Michigan
State University and Ingham County
Honoring Julie Dingerson
Amend the Collaborative Agreement with the Capital Area United Way
Enter into an Agreement with Michigan Primary Care Association for Medicaid and Chip Outreach and Enrollment services
Authorizing an Extension of the Temporary Reassignment for Two Public Health Service Employees
Authorizing Amendment #1 to the 2011-2012 Comprehensive Planning, Budgeting and Contracting Agreement with the Michigan Department of Community Health
Authorize an Agreement with Teleinterpreters
Authorize a Contract with Washtenaw County Public Health to Deliver Workshop in Health Equity and
Social Justice
Amend Resolution #11-363 Authorizing 2012 Agreements for Community Agencies
Making an Appointment to the Ingham Family Center Advisory Board
Recognize Ingham County as a “Storm Ready County” 
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