Entries for 2012

Authorizing Supplemental Reimbursement for Judicial Assistants                                                            
Authorizing an Agreement with Courtview Justice Solutions for Acceptance of a Proposal to Provide The State Court Administrator's Office (SCAO) Permanency Indicator Reports
Authorizing a Maintenance Contract Between Ingham County Sheriff’s Office and L3 Communications For the Sheriffs Office Digital in Car Camera System

To Enter into a Contract with the City of Lansing and to Accept the FY 2010 Homeland Security Grant Program Funds for the Regional Planner Grant

To Approve Entering into a 12-month Agreement with Arialink for the Purchase of a Backup Network    Circuit for the New 911 Phone System
Adopting a Tentative Ingham County 911 Service Plan
Resolution Making Appointments to the Fair Board
To Approve the Annual Maintenance Purchase for the Exagrid Backup Appliances from CDW-G 
Authorizing a Temporary Principal Residence Auditor Assistant                                                           
To Adopt the Ingham County Parks 2012-2016 Facility Master Plan 

Rescinding the County Parks second vehicle Annual Parking Pass Fee 

Authorizing a Fund Transfer to the Potter Park Zoological Society for 2012 Marketing
Approving a Transfer of Funds and Authorization to Proceed with Replacement of Lighting with The Coral Reef Exhibit    
Authorizing a Transfer of Funds to Accommodate the Purchase of Cages for the Discovery Building
Authorizing Increasing the Vacant Part-time Zookeeper 400 position to a Full-time Position and Approval of a Line Item Transfer
Approving a Transfer of Funds and Authorization for the Potter Park Zoological Society to Provide Seasonal Workers for Customer Service Related Positions
Granting a Waiver of the Requirements of the Ingham County Living Wage Policy to St. Vincent Catholic Charities
Setting Public Hearings on the Transfer of Powers, Duties and Functions of the Ingham County Road Commission to the Ingham County Board of Commissioners

Congratulations Bethel Seventh-Day Adventist Church on the Event of their Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Day

Approving Entering into a Grant with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and Appoint Douglas A. Stover as County Grant Administrator for the 2012 Remonumentation Project  
To Contract with Ronnie M. Lester as County Representative and Enger Surverying and Engineering For Services as Monumentation Surveyor for the Ingham County Monumentation and Remonumentation Project in 2012

Authorizing 2012 Administrative Fund

2012 Borrowing Resolution (2011 Delinquent Taxes)
Adopt a Financial Depository Resolution for the County of Ingham
Establishing the Budget Calendar for 2013
Authorizing the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office to Sell two dozen SCBA (self contained breathing  apparatus) to the Mason City Fire Department 
To Accept Healthy! Capital Counties Funds and to Authorize a Temporary Part-Time Position
To Enter into an Agreement with Highfields Inc. for the Pride Program 

To Enter into a Contract with Highfields Inc. for the Services at the Ingham County Academy

To Authorize Entering into a Contract with House Arrest Services Inc.
To Authorize Entering into a Contract with Michigan State University for the Adolescent Diversion Program
To Establish the Final Staffing at the Ingham County 911 Central Dispatch Center
To authorize Ingham County to Accept the Donation of Three Mobile Radios from Hayes Green Beach Hospital
Authorizing the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office to Sell at the Fair Market Value, Two Used Patrol Vehicles to the Ingham Intermediate School District
Authorizing an Amendment to the Contract with the City of Lansing for the Public Safety  Interoperable Communication (PSIC) Grant Program to Enhance the Ingham County Public Safety Radio Communications System 

Declaring March 31, 2012 as “Cesar E. Chavez Day” in Ingham County

Making an appointment to the Women’s Commission

Authorizing an Agreement with Comerica, Inc. for the
Procurement Card Program

Authorizing Renewing a Contract with Lansing Ice & Fuel Company to Supply Fuel for County-Owned       Vehicles and Equipment
Designating the Ingham County Department of Human Services as Administrator of a Targeted        Assistance Program Grant for Refugee Services 
Authorizing Entering into a Contract with DLZ Michigan, Inc. to Provide Architectural and Engineering Services for Exterior Repairs at the Ingham County Family Center and the Human Services Building Maintenance Garage  
To Extend the Canteen Inmate Commissary Contract for Three Years  
To Extend the Contract with Canteen Services to Manage the Food and Laundry Services at the Ingham County Correctional Facility 
To Eliminate a Court Officer Position in the 55th District Court and to authorize the Ingham County    Sheriff’s Office to Provide the Court with Two Part-Time Deputies to Serve as Court Officers

Amending Resolution #11-291 to Extend Contracts with Lansing and East Lansing for the 911 Center FY 2011/2012 Operations

To amend the Ingham County Public Safety Radio System Cost Participation Policy

Designating March, 2012 as “Certified Government Financial Manager Month” in Ingham County

Designating April 18, 2012 as “Holocaust Remembrance Day”

To Amend the Ingham County Fair Board By-Laws Article II, Section VII Executive Director (AKA Fair Manager) Duties and Responsibilities   

To Amend the Ingham County Fair Board by-laws Article III Organization – Duties and Responsibilities of the Board
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