Entries for 2012

Honoring Lansing for Cesar E. Chavez

Approve the Special and Routine Permits for the Ingham County Department of Transportation and  Roads                                                                                                                                         

In Support of the Move to Amend Campaign
Appointing Sherrie Graham as the Potter Park Zoo Director and Authorizing an Amendment to the  Existing Contract with the Potter Park Zoo Society                                                           
Authorizing the Human Resources Department to Contract with the Tri-County Office on Aging to Provide Human Resources Services

Honoring Employees of the Adult Dental Center  

Honoring Mary Meirndorf   

Authorizing The Second Amendment To The Agreement With The Capital Area Transportation Authority  Dated January 1, 2011 Through December 31, 2015

To Amend The Agreement For Michigan State University Extension Services Between Michigan State University And Ingham County To Add 4-H Program Coordinator Position To The Agreement
To Authorize An Amendment To Resolution #12-106 To Authorize A Subcontract With The Nurse Family               Partnership Program
To Authorize A 2012-2013 Agreement With The Michigan Department Of Community Health For The Delivery Of Public Health Services Under The Comprehensive Agreement

To Authorize a Contract with Armor Correctional Health Services, Inc. for Medication Passing Services at the Ingham County Jail

Authorizing a Contract with State of Michigan, Department of Community Health, Crime Victim  Services Commission for Crime Victim Rights Funding
Authorizing a Cntract with State of Michigan, Department of Community Health, Crime Victim  Services Commission for Continuation of its Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) program
Authorize the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office to Extend a contract with Michigan Department of Corrections to Rent 190 Beds to the Michigan Department of Corrections
To Authorize the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office and the Michigan Department of Corrections to Enter into a Rental Agreement for the 64 Beds within the Ingham County Jail
Authorizing the Lansing/Ingham Cert Program to Accept Donations from Organizations, Groups and Individuals to Support Emergency Preparedness and Response
To Purchase (2) In-Car Video units from L-# Mobile Vision, Inc. Using Homeland Security Grant  Program Funds

Honor Sergeant Steven Martin of the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office

Making an appointment to the Women’s Commission

To Participate In A Regional Brownfield Redevelopment Coalition And Joint Grant Application To The     United States Environmental Protection Agency

To Approve The Special And Routine Permits For The Ingham County Department Of Transportation And Roads
Intent To Establish A Property Assessed Clean Energy Program And Calling Public Hearing 
To Authorize Six Job Reclassifications, One Position Conversion, And One New Position For The Department Of Transportation & Roads


To Approve Entering Into An Agreement With Dewpoint, Inc. To Provide An Operations Manual For The Management Information Systems Department

Congratulating Highfields, Inc. on the Event of Their 50th Anniversary

To Approve the 2012 Apportionment Report
Authorizing Adjustments to the 2012 Ingham County Budget
Authorizing the establishment of MERS Hybrid Plans for the Board of Commissioners and Elected Officials                                                                                                                                          
Approving Modifications to the 2012 Managerial and Confidential Personnel Manual
Authorizing the establishment of the MERS Hybrid Plans for Managerial and Confidential Employees

Recognizing “World Food Day” On October 16, 2012, “National Food Day” On October 24, 2012 And The Related Local Events Of “Food Fest 2012” In Ingham County

Honoring Carolyn Redman 

Honoring Employees Of The Otto Community Health Center

To Amend Resolution #10-394 To Extend The Cooperative Operational Agreement With The Ingham  Community Health Center Board Of Directors
To Amend The Agreements With The Michigan Primary Care Association For Medicaid And Chip Outreach And Enrollment Services

To Authorize 2012-2013 Public Health Service Agreement With The Ingham Health Plan Corporation    

To Amend The Contract With Joho Technologies, Inc.
To Authorize An Extended Agreement With Midland County Educational Services Agency For Services Associated With The Great Start Regional Child Care Resource Center 


Authorizing Acceptance of a Michigan Drug Court Grant for the Ingham County Family Dependency       Treatment Court

Authorizing 2013 Agreements for Juvenile Justice Community Agencies

Authorizing the L3 Communications Annual 2012-2013 Maintenance Contract for the Ingham County  Sheriff’s Office Digital in car Camera System

Authorizing the Filing of the Notice of Intent to Function as a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) In Accordance with the Ingham County 911 Service Plan  


Making an appointment to the Potter Park Zoo Board

To Approve the Special and Routine Permits for the Ingham County Department of Transportation and Roads                                                                                                                                      

To Authorize Grant Amendment to Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) Grant Funds from the       Michigan State Housing Development Authority in the Amount of $300,000 – Resolution #09-262

To Accept Funding from the U.S. Department of Health Resources and Services Administration for         The Ryan White Title IV Women, Infants, Children, Youth and Affected Family Members AIDS Healthcare Grant 

To Authorize Purchase Of Life And Long Term Disability Insurance 

Authorizing 2013 Letters Of Agreement With Bargaining Units For Employee Health Insurance Benefits
Approving An Amendment To The 2010 Potter Park Zoo Master Plan
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