Entries for 2013

Resolution To Amend Resolution #12-285 And Authorize Subcontract Agreements And Computer Purchases In Support Of The Healthy Start Project

Resolution To Authorize An Amendment To Resolution #13-320 To Correct The Rate To Be Consistent With The Lease Amendments With Sparrow Health Systems

Resolution Authorizing The Approval Of A Five Year Extension Of The Voluntary Funding Agreements

Resolution To Authorize An Agreement With Alliance Biomedical Dba Rs Biomedical, Inc.

Resolution To Authorize Amendment #6 To The 2012-2013 Comprehensive Agreement With The Michigan Department Of Community Health

Resolution To Authorize Renewal Of A Three Year Contract With Wideopen West Mid-Michigan For Cable Television Services At The Ingham County Jail

Resolution Authorizing Ingham County Sheriff’s Office To Accept A Trailer And Equipment From The Michigan State Police Meth Investigation Unit

   Resolution Authorizing Entering Into A Contract For Attorney Services For Juvenile Delinquency And    Truancy Matters

Resolution Authorizing Entering Into A Contract For Attorney Services For Juvenile Delinquency

Resolution Authorizing Contract Change Orders 002 And 003 With Imagesoft Corporation For The Probate Court Imaging Project

Resolution To Authorize Engaging Dewpoint To Review And Provide Project Management Of The Deployment Of The Jail Communications And Control System

Resolution To Authorize FD Hayes To Install New Fiber To The 911 Center

Resolution Honoring Delhi Township Fire Chief Richard Royston On The Event Of His Retirement

Resolution Honoring Lansing For Cesar E. Chavez

Resolution Congratulating The Holt Jr. Rams U14 Class A Mason Pony League Champions


Resolution Terminating An Amendment To The Ingham County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Brownfield Plan For Shaw’s On Newton LLC And The Ingham County Land Bank Fast Track Authority


Resolution To Approve The Special And Routine Permits For The Ingham County Road Department

Resolution Authorizing The Adoption Of A Performance Resolution For Governmental Agencies, As Required By The Michigan Department Of Transportation

Resolution To Adopt A Revised Equal Opportunity Employment Plan

Resolution Authorizing Entering Into A Contract With Laux Construction, LLC  For General Contractor Services To Repair The Main Arena Roofing, Install New Eaves Troughs, And Upgrade The Heating System Of The Main Arena At The Ingham County Fairground

Resolution Authorizing Entering Into A Contract With D.C. Byers Co./ Detroit Inc. For Improvements To The Aviary & Reptilian House At Potter Park Zoo

Resolution To Amend Resolution #13-38, Approving Proceeding To Close Permanent Conservation Easement Deed On Thorburn, Schwab And Nussdorfer Properties

Resolution To Authorize An Emergency Traffic Signal Maintenance Agreement With The Lansing Board Of Water & Light

Resolution To Accept A Charitable Donation From The Friends Of Ingham County Parks

Resolution Approving The Transfer Of Approved Capital Improvement Funds For Construction Of A Cabana At Hawk Island County Park

Resolution Amending User Fees For The Hawk Island Snowpark

Resolution To Authorize The Replacement Of Leased Copiers With Purchased Copiers And To Set Up Copier Replacement Chargebacks For Ingham County Departments

Resolution To Amend Resolution #12-355 To Extend The Cooperative Operational Agreement With The Ingham Community Health Center Board Of Directors

Resolution Authorizing The Third Amendment To The Agreement With The Capital Area Transportation Authority Dated January 1, 2011 Through December 31, 2015

Resolution To Authorize The Intergovernmental Transfer Of Ingham County Funds To Support DSH Payments To Ingham Regional Medical Center And Sparrow Health System

Resolution To Authorize A 2013-2014 Americorps* Vista Grant

Resolution To Convert A Community Health Representative Ii Position To A Billing & Reporting Clerk I And Increase A Health Plan Management Assistant To Full Time In Health Plan Management Services

Resolution To Authorize An Amendment To The Contract With The Ionia County Health Department For Medical Direction And Program Consultation

Resolution To Authorize An Agreement With Southeast Michigan Health Association

Resolution To Authorize A 2013-2014 Agreement With The Michigan Department Of Community Health For The Delivery Of Public Health Services Under The Comprehensive Agreement

Resolution To Authorize PTD Technology To Secure The HPMS Application

Resolution To Establish A Trust And Agency Account For The Ingham County Department Of Human Services

Resolution Amending Resolution #08-85 Regarding The Commissioner Appointment To The Ingham County Family Center Advisory Board

Resolution To Adopt An Ordinance Amending The Ingham County Animal Control Ordinance To Transfer The Supervisory Authority Over  The Animal Control Director To The County Controller/Administrator

Resolution To Honor Deputy Mark Davis Of The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office

Resolution To Accept Fy 2014 Swift And Sure Sanctions Probation Program (SSSPP) Grant Funds; Continue The Grant Funded Special Part-Time Position Of A SSSPP Assistant Prosecuting Attorney; And Create A Grant Funded Three-Quarter Time Ssspp Case Management Coordinator Position For Fy 2013-2014

Resolution Requesting An Amendment To The Family Division 2012/13 Child Care Fund For Additional Funds Necessary For Payments To The State Institution Budget

Resolution to Approve the Special and Routine Permits for the Ingham County Road Department

Resolution To Authorize The Transfer Of The Recording Secretary Position From The Board Of Commissioners’ Office To The County Clerk’s Office

Resolution Recommending The Acceptance Of A $250.00 Risk Avoidance Program (RAP) Grant Award For A Grill Guard For The Patrol Car At Potter Park Zoo From The Michigan Municipal Risk Management Association (MMRMA)

Resolution Authorizing The Potter Park Zoological Society To Retain Admission Monies For The Boo At The Zoo Event

Resolution Authorizing An Amendment To The 2014 Ingham County Parks Fee Schedule

Resolution To Approve The 2013 Apportionment Report

Resolution To Authorize An Amendment To The Agreement For Extension Services Between Michigan State University And Ingham County

Resolution To Authorize A Letter Of Agreement Between The Ingham County Health Department, Power Of We Consortium And The Community Mental Health Authority Of Clinton, Eaton, And Ingham Counties

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