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Resolution To Authorize A Lease Extension Agreement For The Friend Of The Court Safe Haven Grant Program

Resolution To Reaffirm That Ingham County, Michigan Is A Welcoming County And Respects The Innate Dignity Of All People


Resolution Authorizing The Release Of Attorney/Client Privileged Communication

Resolution Honoring Kevin Tobe

Resolution To Approve The Special And Routine Permits For The Ingham County Road Department

Resolution Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Resolution To Adopt A Whistleblower Protection Policy

Resolution Asking County-Wide Elected Officials To Adopt The Ingham County Ethics Policy

Resolution Authorizing Standards Of Conduct For Ingham County Vendors

Resolution To Relinquish Jurisdiction Of Forsberg Drive West Of Stagecoach Drive In And To The Westerly Boundary Of The Ponderosa Subdivision To Meridian Charter Township

Resolution Authorizing A Contract With WebQA For A FOIA Management Program

Resolution Rescinding The 2014 Increase In Funding For The Revolving Drain Fund (Fund 802)

Resolution To Accept The Recommendation Of The Ingham County Health Care Coalition For Employee Benefits For 2016 And Authorizing Letters Of Agreement With Bargaining Units

Resolution To Authorize The Purchase, Installation And Configuration Of The Primary And Secondary Storage Area Networks From Avalon Technologies

Resolution To Approve A Second Party Agreement Between The Michigan Department Of Transportation And Ingham County In Relation To State Funded Bridge Project Located At Marsh Road Over The Canadian National Railroad

Resolution To Authorize A Bridge Engineering Design Services Contract Extension With The Great Lakes Engineering Group, LLC For The Southbound Okemos Road Bridge Repair Project

Resolution Approving A Collective Bargaining Agreement With Local #1499 Of The American Federation Of State, County And Municipal Employees AFL-CIO, Council 25

Resolution Approving Modifications To The 2016 Managerial And Confidential Employee Personnel Manual

Resolution Approving The Conversion Of Employees In The Ingham County Employees’ Association – Professionals From MERS Division 12 To Division HJ 


Resolution Approving Implementation Of A Code Red Alert System With Capital City Lodge No. 141, Fraternal Order Of Police, Labor Program Inc. – Corrections Non-Supervisory Unit

Resolution Honoring Dr. Maurice Reizen

Resolution Authorizing A Contract With Malannoye Consulting, LLC To Review Member Eligibility And Expenses Relative To The Health Services Millage Contracts With Ingham Health Plan Corporation

Resolution To Authorize The Status Change Of A Medical Assistant From .75 FTE To 1.0 FTE

Resolution To Authorize An Agreement With The Michigan Department Of Environmental Quality For 2015-2016

Resolution To Amend Resolution #15-193 To Include Ingham County Health Department Environmental Health Fees

Resolution To Amend The Infectious Disease Physician Services Agreement With Michigan State University’s College Of Osteopathic Medicine – Tuberculosis Program

Resolution To Authorize A Revised Cooperative Operational Agreement With The Community Health Center Board Of Directors


Resolution To Authorize Amendment #1 To The 2015-2016 Comprehensive Agreement With The Michigan Department Of Community Health

Resolution To Amend Resolution #15-430 To Amend The Ingham Community Health Center Board Bylaws

Resolution Authorizing Expansion Of Current Mental Health Screening Services In The Ingham County Jail To Include On Call Personnel For Weekends And Holidays

Resolution Amending Resolution #08-085 Increasing The Size Of The Ingham County Family Center Advisory Board By Adding An Ex-Officio Member

Resolution To Enter Into A Contract With Westshore Services, Inc. For The Purpose Of Adding And Upgrading Outdoor Warning Sirens In Ingham County


Resolution Authorizing Statements Of Work With Imagesoft And Courtview For Batch Scanning Project

Resolution Authorizing Contracts With Attorneys For Service On Mental Illness And General Probate Matters

Resolution Authorizing Entering Into A Contract With Michigan State University For The MSU Adolescent Project

Resolution Congratulating The Capital Area Hispanic Community Representative And The Greater Lansing Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce On The Event Of The 33rd Annual Hispanic Christmas Symposium

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