Entries for 2017

Resolution To Authorize The Purchase Of Seasonal Requirement Of Hot Mix Asphalt Mixtures
Resolution To Authorize The Purchase Of Seasonal Requirement Of Asphalt Emulsions
Resolution To Authorize Purchase Of Collapsible Horse Stalls
Resolution To Authorize Transport Of A Black Rhino
Resolution To Authorize Acceptance Of A Michigan Recreation Passport Grant Project Agreement
Resolution To Authorize Application For A Recreation Passport Program Grant
Resolution To Authorize Application For A Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant
Resolution To Adopt The Ingham County Parks And Recreation 2018-2022 Master Plan
Resolution To Authorize Contracts For Trails And Parks Millage Applications
Resolution To Authorize Acceptance Of Two Parcels Of Land
Resolution Consolidating Parks Department Fee Waiver Policies
Resolution To Approve A Contract Of Lease And Sublease For The Community Mental Health Building
Resolution To Approve A Ground Lease For The Community Mental Health Building
Resolution Authorizing 2017 Administrative Fund
2017 Borrowing Resolution (2016 Delinquent Taxes)
Resolution To Support The Continuing Assistance Of The Ingham County Health Department In Working With Community Organizations That Seek To Develop A Needle Exchange Program
Resolution Honoring Pam Love
Resolution Honoring Jeffrey Meier, D.O
Resolution To Authorize A Subcontract With The City Of Lansing, A Subcontract With Refugee Development Center, And A 0.5 FTE Community Health Worker
Resolution Awarding A Contract To J.W. Design To Provide Professional Architectural And Engineering Services For Renovating Portions Of The Ingham County Health Department
Resolution Authorizing An Agreement With McKesson Medical-Surgical Inc. For Leadcare II Analyzers
Resolution Honoring Mary Lou Dobias
Resolution Honoring Pam Henry
Resolution Honoring Dee Bernardi
Resolution To Change The Hours Of Operation Of The Ingham County Animal Control Shelter
Resolution To Approve The Letter Of Understanding With Capitol City Labor Program Corrections Unit
Resolution Setting A Public Hearing For A Brownfield Plan And Rescinding Resolution #17-060
Resolution Making An Appointment To The Historical Commission
Resolution In Honor Of The 2017 State Arbor Day Celebration
Resolution To Approve And Certify The Ingham County 2016 Public Road Mileage Report
Resolution To Approve The Special And Routine Permits For The Ingham County Road Department
Resolution To Approve A Brownfield Plan For The K3 Property
Resolution To Compensate Employees For Hours Lost Because Of Electrical Power Outage
Resolution To Approve Hardware Support From Oracle
Resolution To Approve A Service Agreement With At&T
Resolution To Authorize A Contract For Construction Of Ram II Trail
Resolution To Approve Proposed 2017 Ingham County Bridge Funding Applications For Submission To The Local Bridge Program Manager
Resolution To Authorize The Purchase Of Smooth-Lined Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe & Helically Corrugated Steel Pipe
Resolution Authorizing Adjustments To The 2017 Ingham County Budget
Resolution To Amend Resolution #15-375 To Extend The Agreement With Michigan State University For Psychiatric Services
Resolution Authorizing An Agreement With Edward W. Sparrow Hospital Association For Mobile Events
Resolution To Allow Aco Lebombard To Use County Owned Photographs
Resolution Of Appreciation To The Ingham County 9-1-1 Central Dispatch Center Telecommunicators During National Telecommunicators Week April 9-15, 2017
Resolution To Amend Resolution #16-034 Changing The Composition Of The Animal Control Shelter Advisory Board
Resolution To Approve The Purchase Of Two Trailers From Becks Propane And Marine, Approve Thermofisher Scientific As A Sole Source Vendor For The Purchase Of Chemical Identifiers And Associated Equipment/Training, And Purchase Tasers And Equipment From Taser International
Resolution To Allow Sheriff’s Office Employees Access To Life Insurance Designed Specifically For First Responders Through The Armed Forces Benefit Association
Resolution Authorizing Additional County Funds In The Amount Of $12,000 To Reimburse Sentinel Electronic Monitoring Services For Eligible Indigent Users
Resolution Authorizing A Contract With Macmillan Associates, Inc. To Provide Preliminary Professional Design And Construction Services For The Ingham County Family Center Kitchen Upgrade
Resolution To Accept The Two Seven Oh Inc. Grant For Animal Blood Testing
Resolution To Accept A Bissell Pet Foundation Super Saturday Free Adoption Grant
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