Entries for 2019

Resolution To Approve The Reclassification And Title Change Of Fair Manager To Fairgrounds Events Director
Resolution To Authorize A Contract With Big Brothers Big Sisters Michigan Capital Region To Provide Administrative Oversight And Programming Leadership To The Capital Area Mentoring Partnership Program For 2019
Resolution To Authorize The Hawk Island Red Tail Enclosure Project
Resolution To Authorize A Contract With J.H. Construction Inc.
Resolution To Amend Agreement With Molina Healthcare
Resolution To Amend Agreement With Nextgen Healthcare For Patient Portal Templates
Resolution To Enter Into An Agreement With Epividian
Resolution To Accept Opioid Linkages To Care Funding Cohort Award
Resolution To Authorize An Infectious Disease Physician Services Agreement With The College Of Osteopathic Medicine At Michigan State University
Resolution Honoring Paul Brandell On The Event Of His Retirement
Resolution Of Appreciation To The Ingham County 9-1-1 Central Dispatch Center Telecommunicators During National Telecommunicators Week April 14-20, 2019
Resolution To Continue Patrol Car Video Storage Software Support From L3 Mobile-Vision, Inc. With The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office
Resolution To Approve Purchase Of Training From Policeone.Com Academy For Ingham County Sheriff’s Office Staff
Resolution Amending Software Subscription And Service Agreement With Courthouse Technologies, Ltd. To Provide For Off-Site Hosting
Resolution To Authorize Licensing Of Defenderdata Software And Implementation Of Its Use
Resolution To Authorize The Purchase Of Chairs For The Ingham County 9-1-1 Central Dispatch Center From Ultra Seating Corporation
Resolution To Authorize Software Support Agreement With Tritech For The Computer Aided Dispatch (Cad) System
Resolution Declaring April 28, 2019 As “Workers’ Memorial Day” In Ingham County
Resolution To Revise The Ingham County Contract Procedures
Resolution To Approve Farmland And Open Space Preservation Board’s Recommended Selection Criteria And Application Cycle For 2019
Resolution To Authorize Approval of the Preliminary Plat Of Berry Farms
Resolution To Approve The Special And Routine Permits For The Ingham County Road Department
Resolution To Adopt Ingham County Occupational Illness And Injury Reporting Policy
Resolution To Adopt A Sick Leave Donation Policy
Resolution Adjusting Compensation For Various Appointed Boards And Commissions
Resolution Establishing Compensation For The Ingham County Board Of Canvassers
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement With Huntington National Bank For The Financing Of A Vactor Truck
Resolution To Enter Into An Agreement For Local And Long Distance Phone Services From Granite
Resolution To Approve The Purchase Of Dark Fiber From Zayo Group
Resolution To Approve The Purchase Of Cisco Networking Equipment
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement With Tower Pinkster To Provide Engineering Services For Both The Fire Suppression And Humidification Systems For The File Storage And Election Rooms In The Hilliard Building
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement With WGI Michigan Inc. For Architectural & Engineering Services For Tuck Pointing The Front Terrace Of The Hilliard Building
Resolution To Amend Resolution #19-082 To Approve Proceeding To Close Permanent Conservation Easement Deeds
Resolution To Authorize Contracts With Rieth-Riley Construction Company, Inc.For Items I & Ii Of Bid Packet #37-19 And Michigan Paving & Materials Company For Item III Of Bid Packet #37-19 Recycling & Resurfacing Of Various County Primary And Local Roads
Resolution To Authorize The Purchase Of 2019 Seasonal Requirement Of Slag And Crushed Natural Aggregates
Resolution Setting Engineering Charges On Special Assessment Subdivision Street Resurfacing Projects
Resolution To Approve An Agreement Between The Michigan Department Of Transportation And Ingham County In Relation To Road Resurfacing Projects For Lake Lansing Road From Hagadorn Road To Saginaw Highway, Hagadorn Road From Lake Lansing Road To Its Northern Terminus At Birch Row Drive, And Birch Row Drive From Hart Street To Hagadorn Road
Resolution To Approve Managerial And Confidential Employee Reclassification Levels
Resolution To Amend Personnel Policy No. 107: Special Part-Time, Temporary Or Seasonal Employee Sick Leave Policy
Resolution To Adopt The 2019 County Equalization Report As Submitted With The Accompanying Statements
Resolution Designating County Representatives At State Tax Commission Hearings
Resolution Authorizing Adjustments To The 2019 Ingham County Budget
Resolution Honoring Sharon Verhougstraete
Resolution To Accept Funds For The Healthy Start Grant
Resolution To Authorize Acceptance of the 2019 County Veteran Service Grant
Resolution To Amend The Collaborative Agreement With The Capital Area United Way
Resolution Honoring Lance Langdon For His Years Of Service To The County Of Ingham And The East Lansing Police Department
Resolution To Approve The Letter Of Understanding With Capitol City Labor Program (CCLP) Corrections Unit
Resolution To Continue Support Service Agreement With Carousel Industries For The Jail & Training Rooms Audio & Video Systems
Resolution To Authorize An Amendment To A Current Contract With The Michigan Department Of Health And Human Services For Transport Services Of Specific Juveniles By Sheriff’s Deputies
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