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Resolution To Approve An Alternate Work Site Policy
Resolution To Approve The Special And Routine Permits For The Ingham County Road Department
Resolution To Authorize The Release Of Attorney/Client Privileged Communication
Resolution To Commit Ingham County To Continued Action Against Non-Point Source Pollution In Compliance With Phase II Of The Federal Clean Water Act
Resolution To Allocate $392,000 In American Rescue Plan Funds To Fund The Maintenance And Improvement Of The Smith And Oesterle Drain
Resolution To Authorize A Purchase Order To Knight Watch Inc. For New Access Swipes At The Allen Street Neighborhood Clinic
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement With John E. Green Company To Replace The Blower Fan Assemblies In The Two CRAC Units At The 9-1-1 Center
Resolution To Authorize A Purchase Order To Deer Creek Sales, Inc. For A Replacement Kubota Tractor
Resolution To Authorize Agreements With Locke, Meridian, And Wheatfield Townships For The 2022 Local Road Program
Resolution To Reclassify Reception/Permits/Public Information Clerk To Reception And Public Information Coordinator
Resolution To Utilize $9 Million In American Rescue Plan Funds For Affordable Housing Opportunities Through The Ingham County Housing Trust Fund
Resolution To Approve American Rescue Plan Funds For The 30th Circuit Court Visiting Judge Program
Resolution To Authorize A Lease Of 426 S. Walnut Street In Lansing For Visiting Judge Purposes
Resolution To Authorize A Contract With Smart Homes Smart Offices For Visiting Judge Technology
Resolution To Adopt The 2022 County Equalization Report As Submitted With The Accompanying Statements
Resolution To Authorize The Reorganization Of Four Positions Within The Ingham County Health Department
Resolution To Authorize A Contract With Sterle Builders To Assemble And Break Down The Jack O’ Lanterns Unleashed Displays
Resolution To Grant The Potter Park Zoo Advisory Board The Ability To Approve Ticket Distribution As A Marketing Strategy At Potter Park And Potter Park Zoo
Resolution To Honor Joseph B. Finnerty Of The Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office
Resolution To Approve The Disposal Of County-Owned Surplus Property
Resolution To Submit To The Electorate A Juvenile Justice Millage Renewal And Restoration Question
Resolution To Authorize The Controller/Administrator To Immediately Pursue A Jail/Medical Provider And To Temporarily Fill Vacancies
Resolution in Honor of the 2022 State Arbor Day Celebrations
Resolution To Approve The Farmland And Open Space Preservation (FOSP) Board’s Recommended Selection Criteria (Scoring System) For The 2022 Farmland And Open Space Application Cycles And Approve The FOSP Board To Host A 2022 Application Cycle
Resolution To Remove Covid-19 Vaccination Requirements For Vendors’ Employees From The Ingham County Purchasing Policy
Resolution To Approve The Disposal Of County-Owned Surplus Property
Resolution To Authorize A Purchase Order To Tri-Terra For Consultation And Testing For Hazardous Materials
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement With Rose Pest Solutions For Pest Control And Management At Several Ingham County Facilities
Resolution To Authorize A Second Party Agreement With The Michigan Department Of Transportation And Ingham County In Relation To A State Funded Project On Waverly Road Over The Grand River (Sn 3871)
Resolution To Authorize A Contract For Rental And Cleaning Services For Uniform Work Apparel, Floor Mats, And Shop Towels
Resolution To Amend The Agreement With Jensen Partners LLC For Correctional Medical Consulting Services
Resolution To Approve The Reorganization Of The Ingham County Controller’s Office
Resolution To Authorize The Execution Of An Easement To Meridian Township For A Water Main
Resolution Authorizing Adjustments To The 2022 Ingham County Budget
Resolution Attesting To The Existence Of Matching Funds Through Meridian Charter Township And Committing To Ongoing Maintenance For The MSUTo Lake Lansing Connector Trail, Phase I Tap Grant Project Funded By The Transportation Alternatives Program Grant #2016025 MDOT Jn 205121
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement With Meridian Township For The Design And Construction Of A Natural Shoreline Protection Project At Lake Lansing Park South
Resolution To Appoint Dr. Christoher Alan Hauch, MD As A Deputy Medical Examiner For Ingham County
Resolution Making An Appointment To The Capital Area District Library Board
Resolution To Reorganize/Rename The Senior Public Health Nurse Positions In Maternal And Child Health
Resolution To Authorize Ingham County Employee Free Event Days At Ingham County Parks And Potter Park Zoo
Resolution To Amend The City Of East Lansing Trails And Parks Millage Agreements
Resolution To Authorize Safety Enhancement Projects At Lake Lansing County Park South, Burchfield County Park, And Hawk Island County Park
Resolution To Accept The Michigan Active Communities Grant
Resolution To Amend Resolution #21-585
Resolution To Authorize The Use Of American Rescue Plan Act Of 2021 Funds To Repair Or Replace Private Well And Private Wastewater Systems In Ingham County
Resolution To Amend Resolution #22-100 To Extend The Term Of The Agreement With Michigan Primary Care Association For Vaccine Clinics
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement With Michigan Public Health Institute
Resolution To Convert The Temporary Project Coordinator Position To A Full-Time Regional Planner/Deputy Emergency Manager Position
Resolution Approving American Rescue Plan Funds To Purchase Air Purification And Surface Containment Elimination Solutions For The Sheriff’s Office
Resolution Appointing A Committee To Select A Chief Public Defender
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