County Services

County Services

Renew Retention Program Contract with City of Lansing            
Authorize Re-organization        
Authorize Transfer of Funds to Purchase Used Backhoe       
Approve Settlement in Telecommunication Cable Railroad Corridor Class Action   
Establish Compensation            
Doug Stover as County Grant Administrator for Remonumentation Project  
Ronnie Lester: County Representative for Monumentation/Remonumentation Project  
Rescind 99-286 to Have State Foreclose on Property Forfieted to Treasurer   
MDCH: Amendment #1 to the CPBC Agreement    
Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission: PA2 Funds for DATE Officer   
Resolution to Authorize Converting the Project Sentry Lead Monitor Position from Half-Time to Three quarter Time
Authorize 2005 Agreements for Community Agencies  
Brittany Green to Youth Commission                                                                                  
Michigan DNR:  Amendment #2 to Develop Hawk Island County Park                          
Transfer Used Ski Equipment to Meridian Township and Beekman Center                                
Authorize Adjustment to Parks Department Seasonal Employee Wage Schedule                       
ABC Beverage Management:  Vending Services for County Park System.                                
In Support of Local Safety Project (Burcham Drive/Park Lake Road)                                       
Approve FOP/Corrections CBA.                                                                                             
Recognize “Black History Month”in Ingham County                                                                 
Honoring Joe Guenther                                                                                                           
Honoring John Hanieksi, Ph.D                                                                                                
Proclaim February 7, 2005 as Marion “Babe” Ruth Day                                                          
16 month extension of Network Facilitator and Community Development Agent Position              
Authorize Memorial at Veterans Memorial Courthouse                                                              
   Agricultural Preservation Board                                                                          

Setting Public Hearing for the Webberville Annexation Proposal                                                

Support Request for Technical Assistance from Genesee Institute.                                         

Authorize Construction of Irrigation Well at Hawk Island County Park                                
Reorganize Staffing of the Human Resources Department                                                          
Scott Clark to Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors                                     
Honoring June Pallottini.                                                                                                      
Authorized Application for Grant to Purchase Optical Scan Voting System (HAVA)                   
 Set Policy for Certain Delinquent Tax Payments                                                                       
 2004 Community Development Authority in the Amount of $243,900                                  

Contract for the Purchase of Digital Aerial Maps in Coordination with Other Jurisdictions.           

  Amend Purchasing Policies to Include Provision for Local Purchasing Preference                      

Authorized Change in Circuit Court Position #CIRCRTC02 Effective March 15, 2005                
Cassandra Green, Kirk Martin and Darrell Place to the EDC Board of Directors                    
Recognizing “Women’s History Month” in Ingham County                                                
Declare March 31, 2005 as “Cesar Chavez Day” in Ingham County                                  
Accept Optical Scan Voting System and Related Election Management Software                      
Accept 2004 CDBG from Michigan State Housing Development Authority                      
Transfer Funds from ADA Playground Construction to Boardwalk Construction Line Item      
Honoring Brenda Newman                                                                                                   
Shannon Hunt, Heather Ricketts, Judith Brown Clarke to Women’s Commission                       
Revising the Representation of Interests to the Board                                                                
Supporting Continued Funding of CDBG Program                                                               
Approve MNA NP/CN CBA                                                                                                   
Contract with BFI for Dumpster Service                                                                               
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