Human Services

Human Services

Children=s Trust Fund: 0-3 Secondary Prevention Grant    
CATA: Third Amendment  
Authorize 2005 Agreements for Community Agencies  
Honoring Joseph Lessard, Extension Director                                                                         
Amend Plan of Organization                                                                                                     
Authorize Purchase of Patient Management System                                                                
MI Dept. of Agriculture:  Amend Clean Sweep Pesticide Collection Program                              
Ingham Health Plan Corp.:  Amend Medical Services Agreement for Outreach Services       
16 month extension of Network Facilitator and Community Development Agent Position              
Subcontract:  Dispute Resolution Center, Central MI: Youth Violence Prevention Coalition          
John Nevin to Lead Task Force                                                                                                 
Jean Golden and Ron Clark to Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission                                  
Amending Lease with CACS for Additional Space at County Annex.                                         
Subcontract:  Tom Foley Associates, Youth Prevention Coalition.                                         
Michael DeWolfe to CMH Authority                                                                                    
Between CMH and Lansing School District Through Helping Kids Achieve Program                
CMH: Approve Amendment to Lease Terms                                                                         
Authorize Lease Agreement for 5656 S. Cedar, Lansing.                                                    
Implement Changes in the Dental Clinics                                                                               
Authorize Amendment #4 to American Legacy Foundation Grant                                           
MDPH: Amendment #2 to the 2004-2005 CPBC Agreement                                              
Resolution Approving Changes to the Board Rules
Honoring Pamela Stants                                                                                                               
Commitment to Community Based Long Term Care Services and Support                          05-99
Amend CPBC Agreement with MDCH/Accept Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Grant        

Authorize Transfer of Funds and Contract for Accounting                                                      

Create Three Temp PT Summer Staff at Baker Donora Focus Center

Authorize Budget/Staffing Adjustments for Office for Young Children                                        
Reorganize Work in Bureau of Environmental Health                                                                
Amend Resolution #05-016 and Expand Outreach Funding                                                     
Create ¾ Time Health Plan Assistant Position                                                                       

Subcontract to Partner in the Kellogg Foundation Grant                                                             

Two “Equip” Special Project Grants with Michigan 4C Association                                      
Amendment 3: 2004-2005 CPBC Agreement with MDCH                                                       
Establish Pediatric Health Center at 901 E. Mt. Hope                                                                 
Authorize 2005 Agreement for ALFA Adult Day Services                                                         
Accept Donations and/or Grants of  Not More than $5,000                                                      
Authorize Agreement with Care Free Medical, Inc                               
Authorize Agreement to Carry Out Mobile Home Park Inspection Program   
Authorize Collaborative Agreement with Capital Area United Way              

Authorize Appropriation to Military Order of the Purple Heart                                                

George Bachman to Veterans Affairs Committee                         
Human Ecology Management: Subcontract on Behalf of YVPC                                         
Child and Adolescent Health Ctr.                                                                                      
McLaren Health Management:  Extend Claims Processing Agreement                              
MI Department of Human Services:  Amend Teen Parent Program                           
MI Dept. of Human Services: Amend Contract for Out-stationed Worker              
Approving the Annual Implementation Plan                                                                            

Authorize Amendment to the Early On Program                                              
Adjust the Fee Schedule                                                                                                         
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