Livingston Health Plan:  Provider Agreement                                                               
Authorize Amendment to the Early On Program                                              
Adjust the Fee Schedule                                                                                                         
Authorize Appropriation for Visiting Judges Services                                                   
Accept Additional Money for Traffic Safety from MOHSP                                             
Authorize Contract with OSI International for UHF Pagers                                                    
Amend Contract with Able Concrete                                                                                        
Authorize Contract for 911 Center Consolidation Consultant Services               

Approving a Collective Bargaining Agreement between ICEA Park ’s Unit                       

Certifying Representatives for the MERS Annual Meeting                     
Tower Gardens & Branches Drain Drainage District 2005 Drainage District Bonds.          
Tower Snell Drain Drainage District 2005 Drainage District Bonds.                 
Special Assessment Roll for Lake Lansing Lake Level Special Assessment District   

Amend Contract with HTC Global Services for Indexing Services       

Authorize Intergovernmental Agreement with the State Land Bank Fast Track Authority        
Sheridan Land Consulting to Provide Technical Assistance to Agricultural Preservation Board 
Spartan Asphalt Paving Co. to Construct New Parking and Roadway at Animal Control    
Downtown DAD                                             
Authorize Purchase of Emergency Event Notification Software and Services                
Adjust the Staffing in Women’s Health Services            
Authorize Public Health Nursing Letter of  Understanding  Ingham  Intermediate  School District                                                                                                                                  
Authorize a Year Two Medical Reserve Corps Grant and Subcontract                   
Authorize Administrative Support Services Agreements with County Health Plans.    
Duane G. Mayhew MD as Deputy Medical Examiner  
Authorize a Contingency Appropriation to 2004-05 Child Care Fund Budget             
After Schooling Programming Grant                   
City of Lansing Youth Violence Prevention Coaliton/MSU Extension and MDHS
for Juvenile Justice Title V Prevention Grant                   
Authorize Amendment to Circuit Court/Family Court Juvenile Division 2004-05 Budget                                                                                                                      
Authorize Office Furniture and Equipment for New 55th District Court Judge       

Authorize Approval of New Court Appointed Attorney Payment Contracts and Fee Schedules   

Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program Award.                         
Purchase Speed Trailer and Accept $4,000 Reimbursement Grant from Office of Highway Safety Planning              
Michigan Department of Corrections for the City of Lansing Community Corrections 
for Fiscal year 2005-06                                                             
File a Notice of Intent to Function as a PSAP within Clinton County 911 
Service District.        
Health Management Associates for a Review of Jail Medical Expenses        
Department of Housing and Urban Development for Modernization for Carriage Lane Apts              
Amending the 2005 Budget                                                               
Approve Refunding Agreement                       
MDCH: Amendment #4 to the 2004-2005 CPBC Agreement                
MDCH:  2005-2006 CPBC Agreement              
Purchase and Install Storage Building on Grounds of Human Services Building.                                                                                                      
MDHS:  Administrative Support for Development of Strong Families/Safe 
   Children Program                                                                                                 
Amend and Authorize Staffing Changes in the Bureau of Health Plan Management          
Temporary Seasonal Position to Assist in Meeting Case Management Demands        

US Justice Department for Domestic Assault Response Team Program                          
Extend Police Services Agreement with the Village of Webberville           
Accept the 2006 Regional Pursuit Driving Grant.          
Sheriff’s Office to Pay LPD 20% of Final Settlement of Drug Forfeiture and Establish Policy    
Implementation of the National Incident Management System (NIMS)          
Accept 2005 State Homeland Security Grant/Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program        
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