Authorize Budget Transfers: Temporary Salaries and Wages  
Resolution Authorizing Acceptance of a State Court Administrators Office Grant tothe Friend of the Court for the Access and Visitation Program    
Comprehensive Strategies Implementation Grant  from the Juvenile Justice Grant Unit of Michigan FIA  
Honoring Judge Thomas E. Brennan, Jr    
Honoring Judge Thomas L. Brown     
Extend Contract for Integration Phase of IJIS          
Authorize 2005 Agreements for Community Agencies  
Authorize Memorial at Veterans Memorial Courthouse                                                              
Dr Gene Westervelt to Friend of the Court Citizens Advisory Committee                                    
Authorized Change in Circuit Court Position #CIRCRTC02 Effective March 15, 2005                
Michigan Office of Drug Control Policy and Subcontracts with Agency Partners                            
Congratulate 55th District Court on its First Sobriety Court Graduation                                  
Resolution Approving Changes to the Board Rules
Resolution Honoring  David Buck                                                                                            
Authorize Controller to Advertise for and Seek Proposals for Needs Study for 
Juvenile Treatment Center  
Authorize Purchase of ACS eJuror Module                                                                             
Implement Patrol Vehicle Electronic Citation System                                                       
Authorize Appropriation for Visiting Judges Services                                                   
Authorize Amendment to Circuit Court/Family Court Juvenile Division 2004-05 Budget                                                                                                                      
Authorize Office Furniture and Equipment for New 55th District Court Judge       
Amy Bailey to the Friend of the Court Citizens Advisory Committee     

Authorize Approval of New Court Appointed Attorney Payment Contracts and Fee Schedules   

Temporary Seasonal Position to Assist in Meeting Case Management Demands        

Support Efforts of Jail Utilization Coordinating Committee                                              
Chinn Planning, Inc. for Juvenile Justice System Assessment and Action Plan.                 
US Department of Justice Byrne Memorial Grant for 55th District Court/Drug Court            
State of MI, Supreme Court, State Court Administrator for 55th District Court Drug Court 
Authorize Funding for Work Station                                                                                  
Request Support of MI Association of Counties 2005/2006 Judiciary & Public Safety Platform                                                                                           
Authorize Closing a Post at Jail and Related Budget Adjustments                                       
Recognize Thomas M. Cooley Law School for Support/Contributions to Lansing Teen Ctr   
Request Contingency Funds to Assist in Meeting 55th District Court’s Probation Demands during Case Management Maternity Leave                                                                                     
Authorize Protemps Contract Extension for Integration Phase of the IJIS                               
Authorize 2006 Agreements for Community Agencies                                                           
Authorize Amendments to the FOC 2006 Budget                                                                 
Opposition to Specific Sections of the US House of Representatives Bill 4241                 
Support “Continuum of Care” Community Wide Model for Preventing and  Treating Delinquency.
Honoring Lynne Watson    
Authorize Renewal with Lansing School District for the Truancy Court Casework Aide Position         
Authorize Purchase of an Industrial Washer        
Contingency Funds to Assist in Meeting Case Management Demands During an Extended Medical Leave (Probate Court)        

Authorize Contract with Community Mental Health Board for the Ingham Family and Youth Intervention Parrtnership Program        
Reorganize Management Staffing of the Ingham County Circuit Court, Juvenile Division
Michigan State University: Adolescent Diversion Program 
Honoring Rebecca McCormick 
Authorize FOIA Request to MDHS Regarding Investigative Reports for Camp Highfields  
Establish Juvenile Justice Community Agency Process             
Honoring Jeffrey Venn.        
Honoring Gail Moore                
AVI Systems:  Upgrades/Purchases for Court Recording Equipment   
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