County Clerk

County Clerk

County Clerk
Amend Compensation Amount to Veterinarians for Sale of Dog Licenses   
SRC Management: One Year Agreement to Facilitate Data Sharing       
Lansing Police Department: One Year Agreement to Facilitate Data Sharing. 
Authorize Reappointment of Communications/Media Representative and Business Community Representative 
Authorize Budget Transfers: Temporary Salaries and Wages  
Accept Rap Grant from MMRMA for Training Room Equipment     
Opt Out of Tax Capture for Expanded DDA        
Managerial Confidential Employee Personnel Policy   
Resolution Conditionally Authorizing an Exchange of Property with the Arthur W. Jewett Trust and the Alice L. Jewett Trust  
Amending Resolution 91-164 Increasing the Medical Expense Reimbursement Limit  
Comprehensive Strategies Implementation Grant  from the Juvenile Justice Grant Unit of Michigan FIA  

Conditionally Authorize Exchange of Property (Jewett Trust)   
Doug Stover as County Grant Administrator for Remonumentation Project  
CATA: Third Amendment  
Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission: PA2 Funds for DATE Officer   
Extend Contract for Integration Phase of IJIS          
Authorize 2005 Agreements for Community Agencies  
Michigan DNR:  Amendment #2 to Develop Hawk Island County Park                          
Transfer Used Ski Equipment to Meridian Township and Beekman Center                                
ABC Beverage Management:  Vending Services for County Park System.                                
Approve FOP/Corrections CBA.                                                                                             
16 month extension of Network Facilitator and Community Development Agent Position              
Subcontract:  Dispute Resolution Center, Central MI: Youth Violence Prevention Coalition          
Maximus:  Secure Federal Entitlement Benefits  Based on Correctional Facility Operations          
Authorized to Administer Drive Michigan Safely Task Force Grant                                             

Setting Public Hearing for the Webberville Annexation Proposal                                                

Amending Lease with CACS for Additional Space at County Annex.                                         
ProTemps Inc for Staff Consultant Services for Community Corrections Advisory Board              
Authorized Application for Grant to Purchase Optical Scan Voting System (HAVA)                   
 2004 Community Development Authority in the Amount of $243,900                                  

Contract for the Purchase of Digital Aerial Maps in Coordination with Other Jurisdictions.           

Subcontract:  Tom Foley Associates, Youth Prevention Coalition.                                         
Authorized Change in Circuit Court Position #CIRCRTC02 Effective March 15, 2005                
Accept the 2005 Regional Pursuit Driving Grant                                                                       
Accept the 2005 160 Hour Correctional Academy Grant                                                     
2004 State Homeland Security Grant/Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program.              
Authorized Subcontract with Home of New Vision for Women’s Probation Residential Services    
Michigan Office of Drug Control Policy and Subcontracts with Agency Partners                            
Accept Optical Scan Voting System and Related Election Management Software                      
Accept 2004 CDBG from Michigan State Housing Development Authority                      
Establish Budget Calendar for 2006                                                                                       
Approve MNA NP/CN CBA                                                                                                   
Contract with BFI for Dumpster Service                                                                               
Between CMH and Lansing School District Through Helping Kids Achieve Program                
CMH: Approve Amendment to Lease Terms                                                                         

Authorize Transfer of Funds and Contract for Accounting                                                      

Authorize Contract Change Order #5 for Wireless Voice Communication System                     
Authorize Contract Amendments with Lansing and East Lansing 911 Center                           
4D Pharmacy Management Systems:  Administer Pharmacy Benefits                                   
Authorize Controller to Advertise for and Seek Proposals for Needs Study for 
Juvenile Treatment Center  
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