Authorize Adjustments to the 2009 Budget
2010 General Appropriations Resolution
Authorize Adjustments to 2009 Budget and Make Year end Budget Adjustments 
Appoint Special Committee to Select Controller/Administrator 
Fred D. Todd: Professional Services in Search for Controller/Administrator 
Appointing an Interim Controller/Administrator 
Appointing the Ingham County Controller/Administrator   
Authorizing Adjustments to the 2010 Ingham County Budget 
Resolution Amending the 2010 Budget
Creation of a Full Time Economic Development Coordinator Position within the Controller’s Office 
Ingham County 2011 General Appropriations Resolution
Adopt a Policy on Cost Increases for Services Related Contracts in Ingham County
Authorizing 2011 Agreements for Community Agencies
Authorizing the Controller to Make Year End Budget Adjustments
Authorizing Adjustments to the 2011 Ingham County Budget
Honoring Linda Sjolund
Authorize Financial Adjustments for 2011
Authorizing adjustments to the 2011 Ingham County Budget    
Establish the position of Ingham County 911 Central Dispatch Director within the Controller’s Office 
Ingham County 2012 General Appropriations resolution  
Authoring the Controller to Make Year End Budget Adjustments and to Amend the 2012 Budget
Authoring the Controller to Make Year End Budget Adjustments and to Amend the 2012 Budget Snow Tubing Hill 
Amend Resolution #11-363 Authorizing 2012 Agreements for Community Agencies
Instructing the Controller to Provide Notice to the City of Lansing of the County’s Intent to Review       the Pros and Cons of Renewing the Parks Maintenance Agreement
Resolution Authorizing An Amendment To Resolution 12- 370 To Revise The Scope of Services For The 2013 Community Agency Agreement With Habitat For Humanity Of Greater Ingham County

Resolution Establishing Priorities To Guide The Development Of The 2014 Budget And Activities Of County Staff

Resolution Appointing The Ingham County Controller/Administrator

Resolution Appointing An Interim Controller/Administrator

Resolution Authorizing The County Controller/Administrator To Procure Property For A Community Health Center Facility

Resolution Transferring The Board Of Commissioners Authority To Supervise And Remove Certain Positions To The Controller/Administrator


Resolution To Adopt An Ordinance Amending The Ingham County Animal Control Ordinance To Transfer The Supervisory Authority Over  The Animal Control Director To The County Controller/Administrator

Resolution To Restructure Controller/Administrator Office Positions


Resolution Authorizing Adjustments To The 2013 Ingham County Budget

Resolution Updating Various Fees For County Services


Ingham County 2015 General Appropriations Resolution

Resolution To Amend The 2014 Apportionment Report And The 2015 Appropriations Resolution

Resolution Authorizing An Extension Of The Infrastructure Maintenance Agreement With Harris Corporation For The Ingham County Public Safety Radio System

Resolution To Amend Agreement With St. Vincent Catholic Charities

Resolution Authorizing 2016 Agreements For Juvenile Justice Community Agencies

Resolution To Engage Management Partners For Strategic Planning Facilitation

Ingham County 2016 General Appropriations Resolution

Resolution Authorizing 2016 Agreements For Community Agencies

Resolution To Accept And Approve A Recommendation From The 9-1-1 Advisory Board Regarding The 9-1-1 Public Safety Radio Communications System 2015

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