Increase the Fee for Tobacco Licenses and Change Licensing Period
Amend Health Department Fee Schedules
Establish Fast Track Permit Review System and Set Fees  
Increase Injured Animal Emergency Veterinarian Services Fees
Amend Resolution #07-118 and Amend Health Department Fee Schedule  
Adopt Modification to School Group Definition for Admission to Zoo
Adopt Monthly 911 Surcharge 
Authorize Weekly Discounted Entrance Rate and Annual Free Day for Residents
Update Various Fees for County Services
Increase Automon Enrollment Fee for District Court 
Establish Medical Records Copying Fees
Adopt Fee Increase for Certified Copies of Vital Records
Setting Local Monthly 911 Surcharge within Ingham County
Recommending Approval of Visitor Incentive Programs 
Updating Various Fees for County Services  
Restructure the Revenue Collection of Parks Vehicle Entrance Fees 
Authorizing Visitor Incentive Programs 
Adopt Group Rates, School Pre-pay Rates and Adjust Senior Non-Resident Rate
Authorize Staff to Develop and Implement a Road Construction Strategy 
Authorize an Increase of Certain Fees  
Increase the Fees for Certified Copies of Vital Records
Updating Various Fees for County Services
Adopt the 2011 Ingham County Health Department Discount and Nominal Fee Schedule
Amend the Resolution Updating Fees for County Services
Amend Resolution #05-295 which delegates certain authority to the Ingham County Parks and Recreation Commission
Authorizing the Adoption of the 2011 Fees for Chapter VIII of the Ingham County Sanitary Code (Pollution Prevention Regulation)
Authorizing a Return to the General Fund of Previously Approved Trail Budget Funding and a  Budget Adjustment to the 2010 Lake Lansing Park-North Land Acquisition Project 
Authorizing a Return to the General Fund of Previously Approved Trail Budget Funding and Request For Funds to construct a Snow Board Hill at Hawk Island Park
Authorizing the Establishment of User Fees for the Disc Golf Course at Burchfield Park for 2011
Updating Various Fees for County Services 
Create a Combined Well and Septic Inspection Fee 
Authorizing the Establishment of a Fee to Issue a Certificate of Registration for a Precious Metal and Gem Dealer License
Authorizing the 2012 Community Agency Funding Process and Approving Criteria for Ranking Applications for Community Agency Funding 
Authorizing the Establishment of Ingham County Employee Discount Activity User Fees
Authorizing a Contract with Visionair for the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office Visionmobile Police Work Technology Station Software project module on the New Visionair Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System 
Authorizing the Establishment of User Fees for Disc Golf Rental and Replacement at Burchfield Park 
Authorizing Discounted Soldan Dog Park Entrance Fee for Owners of Service Animals 
Establishing user fees for the Hawk Island Snow Board Hill combination Snow Board/Snow Tubing Hill user fees    
Adopt the Explanation of Fee Schedule Establishment and Schedule of Discounts Rationale Policy  
To amend the Fees for Special Transitory Food Unit License Renewals  
Authorizing the amendment of Resolution #09-263 to Change “Monday Free Day” to “Wednesday Free Day" for Vehicle Entrance Fees 
Amending fees for Accessing Documents in the Register of Deeds Office
Authorizing entering into a contract with Government Payment Services, Inc. for using Credit Cards To Pay County Fees At the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office, Ingham Probate Court, Ingham County Friend of the Court, Family Division of the 30th Judicial Court and the 30th Judicial Court-General Trial Division                                                                                                         

Rescinding the County Parks second vehicle Annual Parking Pass Fee 

Amending Board of Commissioners Resolution #02-285 limiting the Parks Low Income Vehicle Entrance Fee Policy to Ingham County and City of Lansing residents only
Updating Various Fees for County Services
Approving an increase in Soccer Usage Fees for the Hope Soccer Complex
Approving Amended User Fees for the Hawk Island Snow Park
To Adopt the Schedule of Discounts and Co-Pay Schedule

Authorizing Changes to User Fees for Exploring Nature Day Camp at Burchfield Park

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