Resolution Approving The Farmland And Open Space Preservation Board (FOSP) Recommended Selection Criteria (Scoring System) For The 2015 Farmland And Open Space Application Cycles And Approving The FOSP Board To Host A 2015 Application Cycle

Resolution Authorizing A Contract With Therapy Dogs International And Amending The Ingham County Pet In The Workplace Policy

Resolution Establishing An Ingham County Local Site Remediation Revolving Fund And A Policy For Its Funding And Implementation

Resolution Establishing An Application Policy For Inclusion Of Private Property In An Ingham County Brownfield Plan And To Establish An Application Fee For The Submission Of An Application

Resolution To Authorize An Animal Control Emergency Overcrowding Declaration Policy And To Provide For A Reduced Fee Schedule To Reduce Animal Adoption Fees As Required By The Population Within The Animal Shelter

Resolution In Support Of “Ban The Box” Initiative Regarding Criminal Background Checks

Resolution To Amend Business Travel And Reimbursement Policy And Procurement Card Policy

Resolution Rescinding Resolution 93-83 Revising The Ingham County Advisory Board Application Form

Resolution Establishing A Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Policies And Guidelines, Public Summary Of Procedures And Guidelines, And FOIA Operational Procedures For Ingham County

Resolution Setting Fees For Freedom Of Information Act Requests


Resolution To Amend Business Travel And Reimbursement Policy

Resolution Authorizing A Capital Projects Fund 2015 Deficit Elimination Plan

Resolution To Adopt The Tri-County Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan

Resolution To Establish An Ingham County Contracts Procedures

Resolution To Approve The Regulation To Require A License For The Retail Sale Of Electronic Smoking Devices, And To Prohibit The Sale Of Electronic Smoking Devices To Minors

Resolution Amending Resolution 11-172 Authorizing Approvals For Reimbursement Requests And Contract Submissions Within The Electronic Grant Administration Management System (Egrams) By The Friend Of The Court And Prosecuting Attorney

Resolution To Adopt A Whistleblower Protection Policy

Resolution Asking County-Wide Elected Officials To Adopt The Ingham County Ethics Policy

Resolution Authorizing Standards Of Conduct For Ingham County Vendors

Resolution To Adopt A Suspension Of County Operations Policy

Resolution Approving The Farmland And Open Space Preservation Board’s (FOSP) Recommended Selection Criteria (Scoring System) For The 2016 Farmland And Open Space Application Cycles And Approve The FOSP Board To Host A 2016 Application Cycle

Resolution To Adopt A Special Part-Time, Temporary Or Seasonal Employee Sick Leave Policy

Resolution To Adopt A Title VI Non-Discrimination Policy, Plan And Complaint Procedure

Resolution To Adopt A Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Plan


Resolution To Adopt A Criminal Background Check Policy

Resolution To Adopt An Intern/Volunteer Driving And Records Policy, Procedure And Rules

Resolution To Adopt A Policy For Tuberculosis Screening Of Newly Hired Employees

Resolution To Adopt A New Hire Driving Record Check Policy

Resolution To Adopt A Policy On Employee Purchase Of A Released Deferred Obligation

Resolution To Approve A Debt Financing Policy

Resolution To Extend A Policy On Cost Increases For Service Related Contracts In Ingham County

Resolution To Waive Policy Rules To Allow Employee Purchase Of Obsolete Property

Resolution To Approve A Policy Prohibiting The Use Of Electronic Smoking Devices Within Ingham County Offices

Resolution To Amend The Clean Air Policy

Resolution To Change The Hours Of Operation Of The Ingham County Animal Control Shelter
Resolution To Amend The Ingham County Local Purchasing Preference Policy
Resolution To Adopt A Policy For Settlement Of Claims, Litigation And Separation Agreements
Resolution To Adopt A Complete Streets Policy For Ingham County
Resolution To Adopt The Recommendations Of The Special Trails And Parks Committee
Resolution To Amend Suspension Of Operations Policy2017
Resolution Amending The Ingham County Board Rules
Resolution To Set Policy For Certain Delinquent Tax Payments
Resolution To Adopt A Policy To Coordinate A Regional Model For Offering Services
Resolution To Approve A Social Media Policy
Resolution Of Support For Net Neutrality Protections
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement For A Policy For The Operation Of Computer Network, Internet Access, And Email With The District Court
Resolution To Authorize A Film Policy At Potter Park Zoo
Resolution Revising The Parks Department Shelter Fee Waiver Policy
Resolution To Revise The Ingham County Contracts Procedure
Resolution To Amend The Emergency Purchases Section Of The Purchasing Procedures Policy
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