County Attorney

County Attorney

County Attorney
Amend Compensation Amount to Veterinarians for Sale of Dog Licenses   
SRC Management: One Year Agreement to Facilitate Data Sharing       
Lansing Police Department: One Year Agreement to Facilitate Data Sharing. 
Michigan Primary Care Association: Financial Support of Otto Health Center Clinic  
Michigan Primary Care Association: Financial Support of Willow Community Health Center 
Managerial Confidential Employee Personnel Policy   
Resolution Authorizing an Appropriation from the Women's Commission Budget and Contract with Ballentine Stepping Stones Catholic Social Services of Lansing/St. Vincent Home, Inc. and the Girls Scouts of Michigan Capital Council for Community Services   
Resolution to Extend the Cooperative Operational Agreement with the Ingham Community Health Center Board      
Resolution Authorizing Acceptance of a State Court Administrators Office Grant tothe Friend of the Court for the Access and Visitation Program    
Comprehensive Strategies Implementation Grant  from the Juvenile Justice Grant Unit of Michigan FIA  

Conditionally Authorize Exchange of Property (Jewett Trust)   
Renew Retention Program Contract with City of Lansing            
Authorize Service Contracts with Licensed Dentists for 2005    
Children=s Trust Fund: 0-3 Secondary Prevention Grant    
CATA: Third Amendment  
Extend Contract for Integration Phase of IJIS          
Authorize Operational Agreement for the Capital Area Sexual Response Team                   
Authorize Adjustments to the 2005 Ingham County Budget                                             
Authorize a Master Agreement with Lansing Community College                                        
Authorize Execution of an Easement to Meridian Township for a Water Main                 
Authorize a Lease Agreement for a Pediatric Dental Clinic at 2815 S. Pennsylvania              
Authorize Protemps Contract Extension for Integration Phase of the IJIS                               
City of Lansing ’s COPS Interoperable Voice and Data Grant                                             
Terminate Contract With Cohl, Stoker, Toskey & McGlinchey as of December 31, 2007 
Cohl, Stoker, Toskey & McGlinchey: Legal Services  
Establish Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Policy  
Authorizing the Release of an Attorney/Client Privileged Communication
Cohl, Stoker, Toskey & McGlinchey, P.C.: Extend Legal Services Agreement
Authorize Release of Attorney/Client Privileged Communication  
Cohl, Stoker, Toskey & McGlinchey: Legal Services 2010-2011   
Authorize Adjustments to 2009 Budget and Make Year end Budget Adjustments 
Authorizing Release of Attorney/Client Privileged Communication 
Authorizing the release of Attorney/Client Privileged Communications   

Resolution To Authorize An Amendment To The Contract For Legal Services With Cohl, Stoker & Toskey, P.C

Resolution To Amend A Legal Services Agreement With Cohl, Stoker And Toskey, P.C.

Resolution To Authorize Release Of Attorney/Client Privileged Communication
Resolution Authorizing An Agreement With Weitz & Luxenberg, P.C. To Represent Ingham County In Litigation Against Manufacturers And Wholesale Distributors Of Opioids
Resolution To Approve Settlement Of Lawsuit Andrew Thurston Vs Ingham County, Ingham County Circuit Court
Resolution To Authorize An Amendment To The Contract For Legal Services
Resolution To Authorize An Amendment To The Contract For Legal Services
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