Encourage State Legislature to Change Method of Property Taxation for Manufactures Housing Located within Licensed Housing Parks 
Amend Charter Agreement
In Support of House Bills 5865 and 5866 
Establish Temporary Employment Line Item, Create Part-time Project Coordinator for Youth Violence Prevention Coalition
Authorize Expansion of Facility 
Change Classification of Vacant Nurse Position 
Peckham, Inc: Short Term Female Residential Program
Able Concrete: Public Safety Radio Communications Shelter 
Authorize Sheriff's Office to Accept Funds for Triad
Honoring Wilbur Howard 
Paul Wilson and Renee Snodgrass to Youth Commission 
Designate July as Michigan Farm Workers Appreciation Month  
Support Michigan Works! Application for Regional Skill Alliance Project  
Proclaim Family Day in Ingham County    
Honoring John Andresen  
Farmland Purchase of Development Rights 
Delta Dental of Michigan: Administer Self-Funded Dental Plan 
Support Amendments to Proposed House Bill 5906 Regarding Certification of Park Police Officers
DBI Business Interiors: Extension 
American Asphalt: Parking Lots at Sheriff's Office 
Approve ICEA/Assistant Prosecuting Attorney's  CBA 
Letter for Agreement: Domestic Partner Health Insurance for ICEA Professional Local 33
Certifying Representatives for the MERS Annual Meeting.
Appropriate Funds for Centennial Anniversary of Courthouse 
Adopt Revised Equal Opportunity Employment Plan 
Authorize Adjustments to 2004 Budget  
Approve Settlement of Pending Dispute: Jackson National and Alaiedon Township 
Authorize Contingent Appropriation to Family Independence Agency Child Care Fund 
Submit to Electorate a Special Millage Question for Countywide Transportation System for Disabled and Elderly 
Contract with MFIA for Juvenile Justice Title V Prevention Grant: Second Year Contract
Amend Community Access Program Grant Subcontract: Ingham Health Plan Corporation.
Authorize Service Contract with Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission  
Continue AAll Children Connected to Succeed@ Initiative  04-227
Contract with Presort Services, Inc: Health Plan Management Unit 
MFIA: Amend Contract for Support for the Jumpstart Early Advantage Program
MFIA: Provide Administrative Support for Development of Strong Families/Safe Children
Amend Medical Services Agreement with Ingham Health Plan to Assist Hospitals 
Amend Resolution #04-108  
Authorize Budget Adjustments and New Positions 
Honor Patricia A. French  
Support Administrative Order 2004-03 Regarding Hours of Operation 
Contract with Sequel Youth Services: Transitional Female Residential Program  
Authorize Reorganization of Certain Positions 
Authorize Contract for Lansing Public Safety Radio Communications System Project 
MDOC: Rent 90 Beds at Ingham County Jail  
Proclaim August 3, 2004 as National Night Out
Request Amendment to the Dog Law of 1919    
Honoring Eric Charles Holland     
Authorize Purchase of Four Document Image Scanners 
Authorize Addition to Crest View Horse Tack Shop  
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