Board of Commissioners Meetings

Board of Commissioners

Bryan Crenshaw, Chairperson
Carol Koenig, Vice-Chairperson
Robin Naeyaert, Vice-Chairperson Pro Tem

Victor Celentino
Mark Grebner
Randy Maiville
Thomas Morgan
Mark Polsdofer
Randy Schafer
Ryan Sebolt
Derrell Slaughter
Emily Stivers
Todd Tennis
Chris Trubac

Various Tuesdays, see schedule below
6:30 p.m. Board of Commissioners Room
Third Floor, Ingham County Courthouse, Mason

What We Do...

 The Board of Commissioners acts as the policy making body for all county affairs and has the power to pass ordinances pertaining to county matters.  The Board of  Commissioners speaks through its resolutions.  All resolutions from each liaison must go before the full Board of  Commissioners for its adoption.  

Contact Person:

Becky Bennett
Director, Board of Commissioners Office
P.O. Box 319
Mason, MI 48854
(517) 676-7200

Meeting Schedule

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