Mark Grebner, Chairperson
Thomas Morgan, Vice-Chairperson
Todd Tennis
Mark Polsdofer
Ryan Sebolt
Gabrielle Lawrence
Myles Johnson
Randy Maiville

1st and 3rd Wednesdays,
6:00 p.m., Human Services Building
5303 S. Cedar, Lansing

What We Do.......

The role of the Finance Committee is to study and advise the Board with respect to all appropriations for State, County  and general purposes, review and recommend to the Board a budget for County operating expenses by a date specified in a Board resolution for the ensuing year; study and advise the Board with respect to all matters pertaining to bonds,  investments and insurance of the County, its officers, employees and agents; study and advise the Board with respect to all financial contracts not otherwise provided for by resolution and/or the Board Rules; study and advise the Board with  respect to apportionment of all tax levies, erroneous land descriptions, correction and re-spreading upon the rolls of all  taxes which for any reason have been rejected by the Auditor General, and, with the assistance of the Department of  Equalization, equalization of valuation assessments among the various townships and cities in the County; recommend  action on all claims submitted to the County for payment pursuant to Resolution #82-167; and study and advise the Board with respect to all grants submitted for approval by the Board, including any grant in which the County has direct or indirect involvement (including those where the Board is requested to waive rights in favor of another organization).

The Finance Committee is not created pursuant to 1923 PA 301, MCLA 46.61 and shall not serve as liaison to any particular County departments, offices, or agencies, but rather, shall study and advise the Board of the financial ramifications of any proposed action involving the appropriation or transfer of County funds, not otherwise provided by law or Board resolution.

Contact Person:

Michael Townsend, Budget Director
P.O. Box 319, Mason, MI 48854
(517) 676-7206

Meeting Schedule