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About the Program

The County Register of Historic Sites and the Ingham County Historical Marker Program were established in 1975.  Today this effort is to serve the citizens of Ingham County through the identification, designation and protection of historical properties.

Historical markers benefit communities and the entire county by sparking further interest in local history.  Dedication ceremonies, which celebrate the installation of the markers, focus attention on historic preservation.  Markers are well documented histories easily accessible to the public and they represent the importance a community places in its heritage.  The County Register of Historic Sites does not offer protection.  A marker may help to discourage some development projects by serving as an obvious reminder that a site is historically significant.

The County Commission on History is the body responsible for reviewing the historically and architecturally significant sites, buildings, structures, objects and natural features or area and determining their eligibility for inclusion in the Ingham County Historical Marker Program and County Register of Historic Sites.

The first step to acquiring a marker is to contact the Ingham County Commission on History  located in the Ingham County Courthouse, in Mason or telephone (517) 676-7200 to request a nomination form, which can be downloaded from this site, and an inventory.  You will be required to submit materials such as books, newspaper clippings, bibliography, postcards, photographs, diaries, surveys and any supporting articles at a  Historical Commission Meeting along with an oral report on your historical marker request.

The Historical Commission will conduct further research and notify you on status of your request.  When a marker has been awarded, the Commission prefers that you send a list of important facts instead of trying to compose the final wordage for the marker.  The process of obtaining a marker can take three to five months and you are responsible for erecting the marker and planning the dedication ceremony.  Recommendations for which are also available on this site.

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Ingham County Historical Marker Dedication Ceremony Procedures

Historical Marker Program Information
Applicant's for historical markers are responsible for all public advertising for the dedication ceremony.  Newspaper, radio, magazine or any advertising of the event are the sole responsibility of the applicant.  Invitations, memo's, flyers or dedication memorabilia are also up to the applicant.  Pre or Post refreshments and or entertainment are optional.

Normal Procedures for the Dedication
Dedication can be held inside or outside.  Historical Markers are attached to the building or site any time after the ceremony.  PA or loud speaker systems are very helpful at these occasions.

Program Tips
Applicant receiving marker introduces board or committee members. 
Speaker/applicant discusses work done and/or brief history on site.

Speaker introduces Historical Commission members
Historical Commission member, applicant or local historian will then talk about the site or personal history history of the building(s).  If more than one building is receiving a marker, then more than one person  can give a short 3-4 minute speech about each building or site.

Dedication is closed by Historical Commission representative 
Applicant's designee will unveil marker to the public.  Official photo's can be taken at this time also.  

TV and News media will normally attend if given advance notice.   If more than one marker is to be unveiled, applicant can have more than one designee help with the unveiling.  Local dignitaries, elected official and relatives of original owners can be asked to participate.

Contact Us:
Ingham County Historical Commission
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