Appointed Boards

Appointed Boards and Commissions

Animal Control Shelter Advisory Committee
Meets: Third Mondays, 6 times per year, 5:30 pm, Human Services Building, Lansing
Commissioner Chris Trubac term expires 12/31/23
(vet representative) Dr. Marie Hopfensperger term expires 12/31/24
Alexandra Dodds term expires 12/3124
vacancy term expires 12/31/24
Jennifer Malinowski term expires 12/31/24
Diana Galbraith term expires 12/31/23
Allison Sevegney-Reynolds term expires 12/31/23
Commissioner Mark Polsdofer term expires12/31/23

Apportionment Commission
Meets: As needed. Ingham County Courthouse, Mason
Members - Specific Officeholders 
Barb Byrum, County Clerk
Carol Siemon, Prosecuting Attorney
Alan Fox, Treasurer
Chair, Democratic Party -  Chris Swope
Chair, Republican Party - Yvonne Whitbeck

Broadband Task Force
Meets:  Fourth Wednesdays, 6:00 pm, Human Services Building, Lansing
Gregg Todd
Commissioner Irene Cahill term expires 12/31/24
Commissioner Randy Maiville term expires 12/31/24
Christopher Mumby term expires 12/31/22
Gene Ulrey term expires 12/31/22
Deborah Stuart term expires 12/31/23
CG Lantis term expires 12/31/23
Patricia Jackson term expires 12/31/24
Mike Lilly
Justin Barnaby
Dr. Johannes Bauer
Sheryl Knox
Emma Bostwick
Deb Fett

Board of Canvassers

Meets: As needed. Ingham County Courthouse, Mason.
Rebecca Bahar-Cook term expires 10/31/25
Stacy Morris term expires 10/31/25
Ted Lawson term expires 10/31/23
Jude Wells term expires 10/31/23

Building Authority
Meets: As needed. Ingham County Courthouse, Mason
Members - Specific Officeholders 
Mattis Nordjford, County Attorney
Alan Fox, Treasurer
Gregg Todd, County Controller/Administrator

Capital Area Community Services Administration Board of Directors
Meets: Last Monday, Monthly, 12:30 p.m., Capital Area Community Services, 1301 Rensen, Lansing.
Members- Commissioners only or designee
Irene Cahill term expires 12/31/22
Bob Peña term expires 12/31/22

Capital Area District Library Board
Meets: Third Wednesday, Monthly, 5:30 pm, Library Headquarters, 401 S. Capital. Lansing
Sally Trout term expires 4/15/22
Lansing/Lansing Twp Rep: Jeff Croff term expires 4/15/24
Meridian Twp Rep:  Sandy Drake term expires 4/15/25
Lansing Rep:  Margaret Bossenbery term expires 4/15/23
Deb Bloomquist term expires 4/15/26
Vern Johnson, Lansing Appointee
Deyeya Jones, Lansing Appointee

Capital Area Michigan Works Consortium 
Meets: Fourth Wednesday, Monthly, 3:30 pm, Michigan Works Service Center, 2110 S. Cedar, Lansing.
Members - Commissioners only
Commissioner Bryan Crenshaw term expires 12/31/22
Commissioner Irene Cahill  term expires 12/31/22
Commissioner Ryan Sebolt  term expires 12/31/22

Capital Area Region Transportation Study Committee
Meets: First Tuesday, Monthly, 8:30 am, Tri-County Regional Planning Commission, Lansing
Members- Commissioners only or designee
Jared Cypher term expires 12/31/22

Capital Region Airport Authority
Meets: Fourth Monday, Every other month at 4:30 pm, Capital Region International Airport, Lansing
Commissioner Victor Celentino term expires 9/30/25
Debra Groh term expires 9/30/22
Daniel Schiffer term expires 9/30/22
Liaison: Commissioner Bryan Crenshaw term expires 12/31/22

Community Corrections Advisory Board
Meets: Third Tuesdays, Every Other Month, 12 noon, Veterans Memorial Courthouse, Lansing
Circuit Court Probation: Jacqueline Straub term expires 9/17/24
Criminal Defense Attorney: Ayanna Neal term expires 9/17/24
General Public Rep: Monica Jahner term expires 9/17/23
Business Community Rep: vacancy term expires 9/17/22
Communications/Media Rep:vacancy term expires 9/17/22
Commissioner Rep: Bryan Crenshaw term expires 12/31/23
Lansing Police Dept Rep: Lt. Traci Ruiz
Prosecuting Attorney: Mike Cheltenham
Circuit Court Judge: Honorable Lisa McCormick
District Court Judge: Honorable Stacia Buchanan
Probate Judge:
Brian Jackson, Lansing City Council Rep:
Sheriff's Office - Major Darin Southworth
Workforce Development:  vacancy

Community Health Center Board
Meets: Last Thursday of each month, 5:30 pm, Forest CHC  Bldg., Lansing
Garrett Wheat term expire 12/31/22
Royce Jones term expires 12/31/22
Commissioner Todd Tennis expires 12/31/23
Amy Fountain term expires 12/31/21
Vijay Fitzpatrick term expires 12/31/22
Spencer Simnons term expires 12/31/22
Monica Trevino term expires 12/31/23
Vincent Hall term expires 12/31/23
Katreva Bisbee term expires 12/31/23
vacancy term expires 12/31/22
Aurelius Christian term expires 12/31/24
Daphine Whitfield term expires 12/31/24
Mary Molloy term expires 12/31/23
Dr. Douglas Edema term expires 12/31/23
Josephine Washington term expires 12/31/24
Hope Lovell term expires 12/31/24
Florensio Hernadez term expires 12/31/24

Community Mental Health Authority
Meets: Full Board, Third Thursdays, Monthly, 6:00 pm, Various Sites in Lansing, Clinton, and Eaton Counties
Finance, Second Wednesday, 5:30 pm, Monthly, Community Mental Health Bldg, Lansing
Recipient Rights, First Thursday, Every Other Month, 5:30 pm, CMH, Lansing
Program and Planning, Second Monday, Monthly, 5:30 p.m., CMH, Lansing
Human Resources, First Wednesday, Quarterly, 5:30 pm., CMH, Lansing
Building and Sites Committee, Executive Committee and the By-Laws Committee Meet as needed.
Maxine Thome term expires 3/31/25
Dianne Holman term expires 3/31/25
Commissioner Emily Stivers term expires 3/31/24
Dale Copedge term expires 3/31/24
Paul Palmer term expires 3/31/23
Raul Gonzales term expires 3/31/24
Alan Platt term expires 3/31/24

Convention Visitors Bur. of Gr. Lansing Bd of Directors
Meets: As needed, Convention Visitors Bureau, Lansing
Members- Commissioners only
Derrell Slaughter term expires 12/31/22

Drainage Board
Meets: As needed.
Members - Commissioners Only - Specific Officeholders 
Pat Lindemann, Drain Commissioner
Commissioner Bryan Crenshaw, Board Chair term expires 12/31/22
Commissioner Mark Grebner, Finance Chair term expires 12/31/22

Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors
Meets: Second Friday, Monthly, 7:30 am, Hilliard Bldg., Mason (Human Services Building,Lansing during winter months)
Commissioner Rep: Mark Polsdofer term expires 10/31/22
Navneet Adhi term expires 10/31/27
Alec Findlay term expires 10/31/22
Labor Rep: Alex Zurek term expires 10/31/23
Marie Jonzun  term expires 10/31/27
Business/Community - Grant Bradley term expires 10/31/27
Labor:   Becky Brimley term expires 10/31/25
Business-Community Angelica Kim term expires 10/31/27
Mark Brown term expires 10/31/22
Marty Jordan term expires 10/31/26
Rashauna Arnold  term expires 10/31/23
MSU Extension Rep:  Eric Walcott

Board of Election Commissioners
Meets first Wednesday, Monthly, 8:15 a.m., Veterans Memorial Courthouse, Lansing
Members - Specific Officeholders 
Barb Byrum, County Clerk
Shaunna Dunnings, Probate Judge
Eric Schertzing, Treasurer

Environmental Affairs Commission
Meets: Fourth Wednesday of each month, 5:30 pm pm, Human Services Building, Lansing
Barbara Anderson term expires 12/31/24
Nichole Biber  term expires 12/31/23
Fred Cowles  term expires 12/31/24
Sarah Mullkoff term expires 12/31/23
Claire Nowicki term expires 12/31/22
Brenda Gray - Health Department
Commissioner Chris Trubac term expires 12/31/24
Matt Lincoln term expires 12/31/22

Equal Opportunity Committee

Meets: Second Monday of each month, 6:00 pm, Human Services Building, Lansing
Alan Conceicao term expires 9/30/23
Samantha Bohm term expires 9/30/23
Tonya Doyle-Bicy term expires 9/30/23
Georgia Arnold term expires 9/30/22
Trinidad Pehlivanoglu term expires 9/30/22
Edmund Rushman term expires 9/30/22
Christopher Wardell term expires 9/30/23
Brandon Laninga term expires 9/30/23
vacancy term expires 9/30/22
Commissioner Derrell Slaughter alternate  12/31/22
Commissioner Ryan Sebolt   term expires 12/31/23

Fair Board
Meets: Second Monday, 6:30 pm, Fairgrounds, Mason
Sue Chamberlain term expires 12/31/25
Catherine Cole-Adams term expires 12/31/23
Jason Buher term expires 12/31/25
Commissioner Bob Peña term expires 12/31/25
Matt Marion term expires 12/31/24
Debbie Miller term expires 12/31/24
Joy Gleason term expires 12/31/24
Adam Palmatier term expires 12/31/23
Guillermo Lopez term expires 12/31/23
Kai Christiansen term expires 12/31/23
Michael Yanz term expires 12/31/24
4-H rep - Candace Filonczuk term expires 12/31/25
Commissioner Randy Maiville term expires12/31/23

Farmland and Open Space Preservation Board
Meets: Third Tuesday, Monthly, 4:00 pm, Hilliard Bldg, Mason
Commissioner Randy Maiville term expires 12/31/23
Gabriel Biber (public)term expires 2/8/21
Laurie Koelling, (real estate) term expires 2/8/21
Jeffrey Clark (agriculture) term expires 2/8/22
Jeanine Igl (agriculture) term expires 2/8/21
Wanda Bloomquist (township) term expires 2/8/22
Kirk Heinze (agriculture) term expires 2/8/23
Paul Kindel (conservation) term expires 2/8/23

Board of Health
Meets: First Tuesday, Monthly, 12:00 noon, Human Services Building, Lansing
Ed Dore term expires 12/31/23
Garry Rowe term expires 12/31/25
Heather Dover term expires 12/31/24
Denise Chrysler term expires 12/31/23
Saturnino Rodriquez term expires 12/31/23
Abby Schwartz term expires 12/31/24
Felicia Eshragn term expires 12/31/24
A'Lynne Dukes term expires 12/31/25
Barbara Worgess term expires 12/31/23
Commissioner Derrell Slaughter term expires 12/31/24

Historical Commission Meets: First Wednesday, Monthly, 7:00 pm
Courthouse, Mason
Jesse Lasorda term expires 12/31/23
Loren Shattuck term expires 12/31/22
Jacob McCormick term expires 12/31/22
Scott Shattuck term expires 12/31/23
vacancyl term expires 12/31/24
vacancy term expires 12/31/24
Audrey Martini term expires 12/31/24
Sarah Evans term expires 12/31/22
James Long term expires 12/31/23

Housing Commission
Meets: Second Thursday, Monthly, 6:00 pm. Carriage Lane Apartments, Okemos
Debra Voss term expires 12/31/23
Darling Garcia term expires 12/31/26
Robert Mathis, Jr. term expires 12/31/22
vacancy (resident) term expires 12/31/24
Kevin Keifer term expires 12/31/25

Housing Trust Fund Committee
Meets Third Tuesday, 5:00 pm, Human Services Building, 5303 S. Cedar, Lansing.
Alan Fox, Treasurer
Gregg Todd, Controller/Administrator
Ryan Sebolt, Chairpersonn, County Services Committee
Roxanne Case, Land Bank Executive Director
Jordan Davis terms expires December 31, 2024
Joseph McDonald terms expires December 31, 2023
Kris Wisniewski term expires December 31, 2024

Department of Human Services Board

Meets:Third Thursday, Monthly, 8:30 a.m., Ingham County Medical Care Facility, Dobie Road, Okemos
Greta Wu, State Appointee
Bruce Bragg  term expires 10/31/23
Kim Coleman term expires 10/31/22

Ingham County Chapter, Michigan Townships Association
Meets: fourth Wednesday, Quarterly (January, April, July, October), 8:00 pm. Various Locations.
Members - Commissioners Only 
Commissioner Randy Maiville term expires 12/31/22
Commissioner Emily Stivers  term expires 12/31/22

Ingham County Family Center Advisory Board
Meets: First Tuesday quarterly, 6:00 pm, Ingham County Family Center, Lansing.
Denise Lycos
Kate Sonka community representative  term expires 12/31/22
Community representative vacancy term expires 12/31/22
John Castillo term expires 12/31/19
Jordan Harris Gonzales expires 12/31/22
Commissioner Derrell Slaughterr term expires 12/31/22
Power of We representative term expires 12/31/22
vacancy, General Public, term expires 12/31/22
recipient vacancy term expires 12/31/20
Sara Deprez 

Ingham Health Plan Corporation Board of Directors
Commissioner Emily Stivers term expires 12/31/22

Joint Building Authority

Members - Specific Officeholders 
Ingham County Representative Gregg Todd
City of Lansing Representative
State of Michigan Representative

Jury Board
Meets: As determined by the Committee.
Theodore Seitz term expires 4/30/27
Mike Severino term expires 4/30/25
Rebecca Bahar-Cook term expires 4/30/23

Land Bank
Meets: Monthly, Third Monday, 5:00 pm, Land Bank, 3024 Turner Street, Lansing
Members Sharon Frischman term expires 12/31/22 (City of Lansing representative)
Derrell Slaughter. term expires 12/31/25
Mark Grebner term expires 12/31/23 (Local Unit Representative)
Bryan Crenshaw term expires 12/31/24
Alan Fox, County Treasurer

Lansing Area Safety Council
Meets: Four Times Per Year,  Lansing Area Safety Council, Lansing. Time varies.
Members - Commissioners Only 
Bryan Crenshaw term expires 12/31/21

Parks and Recreation Commission
Meets: Full Board,  Fourth Monday, Monthly, 5:30 pm, Human Services Building, Lansing
Matthew Bennett term expires 1/01/23
Stephanie Thomas term expires 1/01/25
Simar Pawar term expires 1/01/23
Bret Mar term expires 1/01/25
Cherry Hamrick term expires 1/01/24
Steve James  term expires 1/01/25
Road Commissioner Representative:  Chris Trubac
Tri-County Regional Planning Commission Representative: Nathan Triplett
Paul Pratt for Pat Lindemann
Commissioner Emily Stivers term expires 1/01/24

Plat Board
Members - Specific Officeholders 
Derrick Quinney, Register of Deeds
Barb Byrum, County Clerk
Alan Fox, Treasurer

Potter Park Zoo Board
Meets: Second Wednesday, Monthly, 6:00 pm., Potter Park Zoo, Lansing

Commissioner Chris Trubac term expires 12/31/20
Commissioner Todd Tennis.term expires 12/31/22
Richard Snider term expires 12/31/23
Mary Leys term expires 12/31/24
Cindy Kangas term expires 12/31/24
Kyle Binkley term expires 12/31/24
Dr. Jack Kottwitz term expires 12/31/24
Julie Pingston, Potter Park Zoological Society
Emily Linden, City of Lansing Representative
Mary Hauser term expires 12/31/22
Molly Korn, City of Lansing Representative
Cheryl Bergman term expires 12/31/22
Cindy Wagner, Potter Park Zoo Director

Racial Equity Task Force
Meets Third Thursday, Monthly, 6:00 pm, Human Services Building, Lansing
Commissioner Derrell Slaughter term expires 12/31/23
DaeSean Ashby term expires 12/31/23
Sharde’ Burton term expires 12/31/24
Jordan Davis term expires 12/31/24
Jesse Besonen term expires 12/31/24
Amber Denney term expires 12/31/24
Keira Johnson term expires 12/31/22
Chuck Grigsby term expires 12/31/24
Kelly Rankin-Gomez term expires 12/31/22
Robin Lewis term expires 12/31/23
vacancy term expires 12/31/23
Natalie Riddle term expires 12/31/22
Melissa Riba term expires 12/31/22
Versey Williams term expires 12/31/23
Commissioner Bryan Crenshaw (Ex-Officio) term expires 12/31/22
Commissioner Robert Pena term expires 12/31/24
Commissioner Todd Tennis term expires 12/31/22
vacancy (EOC Committee) term expires 12/31/22
Alexander Woods,(Board of Health) term expires 12/31/22
Monica Trevino (CHC Board) term expires 12/31/23
Katreva Bisbee (CHC Board Alternate) term expires 12/31/23
Gregg Todd (Health in All Policies) term expires 12/31/22
Robin Smith (Women’s Commission) term expires 12/31/23
Andrew Bouck (Cultural Diversity Committee) term expires 12/31/22
Kim Milton Mackey,(Cultural Diversity Committee alternate) term expires 12/31/22

Senior Citizens Advisory Council
Meets: Second Thursday, Monthly, 1:00 p.m., Tri-County Aging Consortium, 5303 S. Cedar, Lansing
Susan Cockerill term expires 12/31/24
Gloria Kovnot term expires 12/31/23
Lucy Mallette term expires 12/31/23

Tri-County Aging Consortium
Meets: Third Mondays, 3:30 pm, Human Services Building, Lansing

Members - Commissioners Only
Commissioner Randy Schafer term expires 12/31/22
Commissioner Bryan Crenshaw expires 12/31/22
Commissioner Irene Cahill term expires 12/31/22

Tri-County Regional Planning Commission
Meets Fourth Wednesday, Monthly, 6:00 pm, Human Services Building, Lansing
Members - Commissioners Only
Commissioner Derrell Slaughter term expires 12/31/22
Commissioner Bob Peña (Road Commission rep) term expires 12/31/21
Commissioner Ryan Sebolt term expires 12/31/21

Veterans Affairs Committee
Meets Third Tuesday, Monthly, 4:30 p.m., Human Services Building, Lansing
Corrine Clark term expires 5/08/24
Edwardeen Jones term expires 5/08/22
Anne Thompson term expires 5/08/21
Thomas Trumble term expires 5/08/23
Leslie Bentley term expires 5/08/23

Women's Commission
Meets First Wednesday, Monthly, 6:00 pm, Human Services Building, Lansing
vacancy  term expires 12/31/22
LaVerne Duncan Mickel term expires 12/31/23
Tracy Wimmer term expires 12/31/22
Kasey Bey Klein term expires 12/31/24
Asja Jackson  term expires 12/31/24
vacancy term expires 12/31/23
vacancy term expires 12/31/24
Commissioner rep:Irene Cahill term expires 12/31/23
Robin Smith term expires 12/31/22
Andrea Mata  term expires 12/31/22
Chelsie Boodoo term expires 12/31/24
Kris Gilbert  term expires 12/31/23
Commissioner alt. Emily Stivers term expires 12/31/23