Parks and Recreation Commission

Parks and Recreation Commission


Steve James
Nick Lentz
Stephanie Thomas
Commissioner Simar Pawar
Matthew Ferguson
Cherry Hamrick
  Nathan Triplett, Tri-County Regional Planning Representative
Brett Marr
Commissioner Chris Trubac, Road Commission Representative
Pat Lindemann, Drain Commissioner

Meeting Times

Parks Commission meets second Mondays, 5:30 p.m.
Human Services Building
5303 S. Cedar, Lansing

What We Do...

(1)    The Parks and Recreation Commission shall adopt and provide for the enforcement of rules and regulations covering the use of County Park facilities, and the conduct of persons thereon, subject to approval by the Board of Commissioners;

 (2)    The Parks and Recreation Commission, or its designated representatives, may approve and sign agreements for the rental of County Park facilities, such as pavilions, ball fields, etc., without further approval of the Board of Commissioners, provided the form of such agreements are approved by the County Attorney, and such agreements do not involve consideration exceeding $5,000;

(3)    The Parks and Recreation Commission may set and periodically adjust user fees and rental fees pertaining to the use of County Park facilities and equipment, except for entrance fees, without further approval of the Board of Commissioners, provided that the form of such fees shall be approved by the County Attorney as to form, and that the County Services Committee of the Board of Commissioners shall be given written advance notification of such proposed action; and

(4)    The Parks and Recreation Commission shall appoint a Parks Director, and authorize such employees as necessary to assist the Parks and Recreation Commission in the maintenance and operation of the Parks system, subject to budgetary limitations.  Such persons shall be County employees and supervised by the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Contact Person:
Tim Morgan, Director
Parks Department
121 E. Maple
Mason, MI 48854
(517) 244-7191