Plat Board

Plat Board


Derrick Quinney, Register of Deeds
Barb Byrum, County Clerk
Alan Fox, County Treasurer

Meeting Times

As needed.

What We Do...

Composed of specific officials: Terms are equal to term of office. The Plat Act requires that
plats must be approved by two engineering firms the one which makes the drawings and
a second disinterested firm. The Road Commission, the Drain Commissioner and the
Health Department must approve preliminary plats before the Plat Board takes any actions.
It is then acted on by the County Plat Board and finally, is submitted to the State Department
of Consumer & Industry Services, Subdivision Control Unit.

Contact Person:
Derrick Quinney. Chairperson
Ingham County Courthouse,
P.O. Box 195, Mason, MI 48854
(517) 676-7254