Apportionment Commission

Apportionment Commission


Barb Byrum, County Clerk.
Alan Fox, County Treasurer
John Dewane, Prosecuting Attorney
Chris Swope, Chairperson, Ingham County Democratic Party
Yvonne Whitbeck, Chairperson, Ingham County Republican Party

Meeting Times

Meetings are held after DOA census

What We Do...

The Apportionment Commission is composed of specific officeholders: County Clerk, County Treasurer, Prosecuting Attorney and County Chairpersons of both political parties (democratic and republican parties). The term is equal to members length of office. This Commission decides the number of seats and boundaries of the County Commissioner  districts within the County. These areas are based, as nearly as possible, on the one-man, one-vote policy, giving  each district approximately the same number of votes (MCL 46.403).

Contact Person:
Barb Byrum, Ingham County Clerk
Ingham County Courthouse
P.O Box 179, Mason, MI 48854
(517) 676-7204