Farmland and Open Space Preservation Board

Farmland and Open Space Preservation Board

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Laurie Koelling - Treasurer (Real Estate/Development)
Gabriel Biber, Vice-Chairperson (Public at large)
Jeffrey Clark, (Agriculture)
Jeanine Igl, (Agriculture)
Wanda Bloomquist, (Township)
Dr.  Kirk Heinze, Secretary (Agriculture)
Dr. Paul Kindel, Chairperson  (Conservation)
Commissioner Randy Maiville, (Commissioner Representative)

Meeting Times

3rd Tuesdays, 4:00  pm
Hilliard Building
121 E. Maple, Mason

What We Do...

The Ingham County Farmland and Open Space Agricultural Preservation Board oversees Ingham County's Farmland Preservation Program and upon the approval of the Board of Commissioners is responsible for:  establishing selection criteria for the ranking applications to the program; establishment of a points-based appraisal formula for determining the value of the agricultural conservation easements; reviewing and providing oversight in scoring application; ranking the top scoring applications and making recommendations to the Board; approving restrictions and permitted uses under the agricultural conservation easement; establishing the price to be offered to the property owner; establishing monitoring procedures and overseeing subsequent monitoring to ensure compliance with the agricultural conservation easement. 

Stacy Byers
Agricultural Preservation Board
121 E. Maple, Mason, MI  48854
(517) 244-7197