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Resolution To Provide Imprest Cash For Friends Of Court Account
Resolution Recognizing April 5, 2018 As The 180th Anniversary Of The Organization Of The County Of Ingham
Resolution Honoring Nancy Sherd
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement With Comsource, Inc. For Radios At Hawk Island County Park
Resolution To Authorize Amendment #2 To The 2017-2018 Comprehensive Agreement With The Michigan Department Of Health And Human Services
Resolution To Accept Healthy! Capital Counties Funds
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement With The Michigan Department Of Environmental Quality For Fy 2018
Resolution To Authorize Agreements With Licensed Dentists And Hygienists
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement With University Of Michigan-Flint For Implementation Of The Engaged Father Program
Resolution Of Appreciation To The Ingham County 9-1-1 Central Dispatch Center Telecommunicators During National Telecommunicators Week April 8-14, 2018
Resolution To Endorse SB 710
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement For A Policy For The Operation Of Computer Network, Internet Access, And Email With The District Court
Resolution To Continue Contract With Dr. Jerry Gallagher For Psychological Services For The Screening Of New Applicants Who Are Given Conditional Job Offers And For Post-Traumatic Stress Reviews For Deputies
Resolution To Continue Records Management Software Support From Tritech
Resolution To Amend Resolution #18-063 Which Authorized The Purchase And Installation Of A New Dishwasher For The Ingham County Family Center Kitchen
Resolution To Authorize The Cardinal Group II To Conduct Organization Wide Training With The Staff Of The Ingham County 9-1-1 Central Dispatch Center
Resolution Honoring Travis Parsons On The Event Of His Retirement
Resolution Honoring Vicky Watson
Resolution To Approve Special And Routine Permits For The Ingham County Road Department
Resolution To Approve Farmland And Open Space Preservation Board’s Recommended Selection Criteria And Application Cycle For 2018
Resolution To Approve The Renewal Of The Dell Compellent Support Agreement
Resolution To Approve Proposed 2018 Ingham County Bridge Funding Applications
Resolution To Authorize The Purchase Of 2018-2021 Seasonal Requirements Of Processed Road Gravels, Crushed Aggregates And 2NS Sand
Resolution To Amend Resolution #17-066 Visitor Incentive Programs At Potter Park Zoo
Resolution To Authorize A Film Policy At Potter Park Zoo
Resolution To Approve A Collective Bargaining Agreement With The Capital City Labor Program, Inc – 911 Non-Supervisory Unit
Resolution To Approve Ingham County Employees’ Association – Professional County Employees Unit Reclassification Request
Resolution To Adopt The 2018 County Equalization Report As Submitted With The Accompanying Statements
Resolution Designating County Representatives At State Tax Commission Hearings
Resolution Authorizing Adjustments To The 2018 Ingham County Budget
Resolution To Accept The 2019 – 2023 Strategic Plan
Resolution Honoring Sarah Nicholls
Resolution Making Appointments To The Youth Commission
Resolution To Authorize A Contract With L. J. Trumble Builders, LLC
Resolution To Authorize A Contract With Rowe Professional Services Company
Resolution To Authorize Additional Contracts For Trails And Parks Millage Applications For Meridian Charter Township
Resolution To Authorize A Trails And Parks Millage Funded Contract For Delhi Township For Engineering And Planning For The Holt To Mason Trail
Resolution Revising The Parks Department Shelter Fee Waiver Policy
Resolution To Accept Dataworks As A Sole Source Vendor And To Purchase Two Mobile Identification Units
Resolution To Authorize Project Change Request #2 For The Statement Of Work Entered Into With Imagesoft Corporation Pursuant To Resolution #16-276 And An Analysis By Equivant Of The Case Initiation And Auto Docketing Processes
Resolution To Accept A Bissell Pet Foundation Empty The Shelters Free Adoption Grant
Resolution To Submit To The Electorate A Special Millage Question For A Justice Complex And Treatment Programming
Resolution To Designate April 28, 2018, As Workers Memorial Day In Ingham County
Resolution To Revise The Ingham County Contracts Procedure
Resolution Calling Public Hearing To Amend Property Assessed Clean (PACE) Energy Program
Resolution To Approve The Special And Routine Permits For The Ingham County Road Department
Resolution To Authorize Participation And Funding For Booking/Holding Facility Feasibility Study
Resolution To Approve The Support Renewal For Barracuda Anti-Spam Filter
Resolution To Update Job Description Of The MIS Administrative Clerk Position
Resolution To Authorize The Purchase Of Seasonal Requirements Of Smooth-Lined Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe And Helically Corrugated Steel Pipe With Aluminized Coating
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