Create ROD Automation Fund
Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission: Substance Abuse Services
Authorize office at VMC
Contract with Kent County; Accomodation audit services
Authorize Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) and Electronic Transfers
Reimburse General/Clearing Bank Account
Authorize Installment Purchase Agreement with Trane 
Authorize Property Tax Manager Position    
Amend Compensation Amount to Veterinarians for Sale of Dog Licenses   
Authorize Medical Services Agreement with Ingham Health Plan Corporation 
Rescind 99-286 to Have State Foreclose on Property Forfieted to Treasurer   
Amend Animal Control Ordinance to Establish Fees and Procedures for Dog Licensing.

Support Request for Technical Assistance from Genesee Institute.                                         

 Set Policy for Certain Delinquent Tax Payments                                                                       
Accept $1,000 Donation from the Wal-Mart Foundation.                                                      
Revise Policy on Tax Sharing Agreements (Rescinds 95-174)                                                   
Authorize 2005 Administrative Fund.                                                                                       
2005 Borrowing Resolution (2004 Delinquent Taxes)                                                             

Authorize Transfer of Funds and Contract for Accounting                                                      

Authorize Budget Transfers and Temporary Position                                                          
Christopher John Mida, Inc and Michigan Mortgage Services, Inc:  Title Search Service       
Authorize Temporary Foreclosure Prevention Assistant                             
Authorize Intergovernmental Agreement with the State Land Bank Fast Track Authority        
Approve Refunding Agreement                       
Authorize Additional Funding for the Temporary Foreclosure Prevention Assistant.            
Authorize Additional Lead Senior Accountant Position                                                          
Authorize to Establish a Local Government Investment Pool Under Act 121 of 1985   
Authorize Temporary Foreclosure Prevention Assistant.        
Approve Tax Sharing Agreement with Meridian Township DDA 
Utilize County’s Option to Acquire Tax Foreclosed Properties
Transfer All Unsold Tax Reverted Properties Rejected by Local Units to the Authority   
Authorize Reorganization in Treasurer's Office   
Set Policy for Certain Delinquent Tax Payments  
Authorize Temporary Foreclosure Prevention Assistant
Approve Funding Request
Comerica:  Extension of Procurement Card Program
Authorize 2007 Administrative Fund
2007 Borrowing Resolution (2006 Delinquent Taxes)
Approve Establishment of Tax Forfeiture/Foreclosure Coordinator Position
Utilize Counties Option to Acquire Tax Foreclosed Property
Provide Funding for Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention 
Change Position Title from Assistant to Treasurer to Manager— Lansing Office
Making a Limited Tax Pledge for Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Bonds 
Transfer All Unsold Tax Reverted Properties Rejected by Local Units to the Land Bank Authority
Authorize Treasurer to Purchase HUD Foreclosed Property  for deposit into Fast Track Authority Inventory  
Provide Additional Funding for Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention
Authorize the 2008 Administrative Fund
2008 Borrowing Resolution
Authorize Public Employee Health Care Fund
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